Imagine you call one of your sales executives, who’s currently on the road. You ask how the pipeline looks for the upcoming month or quarter. How cool would it be if she could pull up an app, tap around, and answer you with the latest numbers right from her mobile device?

As of today, the Zoho Analytics mobile phone app makes that possible. Zoho Analytics has been available for the iPad and Android tablets for quite some time now. Today, we add phone-compatible apps for both iOS and Android.

Here’s some of what you can do with the Zoho Analytics mobile app.

Easy Access
View all the reporting databases in Zoho Analytics that you created, and also those shared to you. Mark the dashboards & reports that you access often as Favorites. With the Recent Views tab, quickly access the views you last opened. View your reports by Folders, Types and Related Views.


Recent Views

Related Views

Explore and Interact
View reports in both portrait and landscape modes. Single tap a bar or a point in a chart, and view details in the tooltip. Double-tap a bar or a point, to view the underlying data, or do a drill-down. Interact with Legend checkboxes and see particular data series alone.

Interactive Legend

Drill down

View underlying data

Share and Collaborate
Share reports with your colleagues and clients, with permission control over what you would like them to see/do with the views you share with them.

Share reports

Assign permissions

The Zoho Analytics mobile app helps you with analytics on the go, and to get useful insights from your data, anywhere anytime, all from the palm of your hand. Try it for free from the App Store or the Play Store.

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  1. Wayne Latterell

    Great news zoho!

  2. Deepak

    Appreciate the Mobile Apps ! Was looking forward to the mobility of Zoho Analytics !!

  3. J.J. Mancini

    Thanks! Much needed feature!
    Keep going Zoho team! Keep going!

  4. Miron Matecki - Z Partner

    Superb !!! Good work Zoho again