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To create a barcode

Free Barcode Generator

Free Barcode Generator

A barcode generator is a free and easy-to-use way to create barcodes for the items in your inventory. Follow 5 simple steps and get started right now.

How to create a barcode help icon

Made of 13 digits. Best for PoS terminal.

Example - 978020137961

EAN-13 Barcode

Most widely used on consumer goods in USA.

Example - 123456789012

 UPC-A Barcode

Has a character limit of 43 including numbers & special characters.

Example - 978020ABC$

Code-39 Barcode

For items that have a GTIN. Data must contain even number of digits.

Example - 123456

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What is a Barcode?

A barcode is a visual representation of an item's identifying information. It's made up of parallel black lines called bars. The width of each bar and the space between them can be read by optical scanners. If you have a barcode system set up, you can scan items to add their information instantly.

Types of Barcodes


EAN-13 barcodes are used at the PoS terminals in supermarkets. It is made up of 13 digits, containing a country code, a producer name, an article number, and a check digit.

Code 39

Code 39 is a variable-length barcode that uses a set of 43 allowable characters including uppercase letters, numerals 0-9, and certain special characters.


Universal Product Code (UPC)-A is the most widely used barcode on consumer goods, in the United States.


This code is used as a visual identifier for items that possess a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

Why are Barcodes used?

Asset Monitoring

Barcodes help to track the movement of portable assets used by the employees in an organization.

Inventory Tracking

Barcodes make it easy for warehouse staff to track items & expiration date with serial and batch number.

Package Information

Logistics teams can use barcodes to get all of a package's information by just scanning it.

Document Identification

Barcodes can be used on invoices to store item, customer and order related information.

How barcodes help in inventory management?

Save time

Scanning a barcode sticker is a fast way to enter product information into your system without doing any manual entry.

Increase accuracy

Automating data entry with barcodes reduces the chances of expensive mistakes.

Simplify monitoring

Barcode scanners allow employees to perform detailed stock counts without taking the time to identify each individual item.

Improve customer service

You can decrease waiting time for your customers by entering item information into invoices in one quick barcode scan.

Start barcoding your inventory now

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Step 1
Create & download a barcode image
Step 2
Print it using a label printer
Step 3
Attach it to your item packaging
Barcode scanner
Step 4
Scan it with a barcode scanner

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I do after I generate a barcode?

You can start using your barcode instantly. Just print it and attach it to your item box or package.

How is a barcode different from an SKU?

A barcode can only be read by barcode scanners—it's a special code to be used only with special devices. An SKU is a unique alphanumeric code that you assign to an item for internal reference, and it can be created and read manually or using spreadsheets.

How do I choose the right barcode?

You can choose the right type of barcode for your business based on three parameters: the type of scanner you will use, how you will print the data, and whether you fall under any industry standard that requires a specific barcode.

What are 1D and 2D barcodes?

1D barcodes are a series of black and white vertical parallel lines separated by space. 2D barcodes consist of both vertical and horizontal lines, which allows them to hold much more information than 1D barcodes.

Are my barcodes unique to my organization?

Yes. Once you register for the GS1, an organization that sets global standards for barcoding, your barcodes will include a company code which is unique to your organization.

Does my barcode also contain my country code?

Not in all barcode types. In EAN-13, the barcode contains the country where the barcode was assigned. Some other types, like UPC, don't include a country code.

How are barcodes used in the package service industry?

After a package has been handed over to the package center, a unique barcode is generated which contains information about the buyer, destination, and pickup. It is attached to the package, and from then on, the movement of the package can be tracked based on where the barcode has been scanned.

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