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Zoho Expense - Uber Integration

If you often travel on behalf of your organization, reporting your cab rides could be difficult. That’s why we have integrated with Uber to make it as easy as possible. Using Zoho Expense, you can manage your business rides with Uber effortlessly. Now, let’s look at some of the benefits of integrating Zoho Expense with Uber.

Key Benefits


Setting up Uber for Business Profile

Employees can set up their Uber for Business profile if they don’t have one, by performing the following steps:

Employees will now be able to take Uber for Business rides.

Setup of Uber for Business profile

Enabling Uber for Business Integration in Zoho Expense

Admins can enable the integration for their organization by performing the following steps:

Note: Employees can submit their expense reports to approvers only if admins have enabled the integration for their organization in Zoho Expense.
Enable integration

Requesting Uber for Business Rides

Employees can request a ride by performing the following steps:

Note: Expenses will be auto-created along with the receipts in Zoho Expense only if employees pay for their rides. If the organization pays for their employees’ rides, expenses will not be created in Zoho Expense.
Requesting Uber for Business Ride
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