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Frequently Asked Questions on VAT

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Do I need to pay VAT on purchasing a car?
Do I need to pay VAT on purchasing secondhand cars?
Does VAT apply to installments paid on car loans?
Is VAT applicable on registration fees for car licenses?
Is VAT applicable on gas products like petrol and diesel?
Is VAT applicable on car maintenance charges?
Is VAT applicable on car repair services?
Is VAT applicable on spare car parts?


Can charities recover input VAT?


How is education treated under VAT?
Does a qualifying educational institution have to register for VAT?
Can anybody supply zero-rated education?
Is all education supplied by educational institutions zero-rated?
Are goods and services supplied to a qualifying educational institution ever not zero-rated?
Is student accommodation taxed under VAT?
How is grant income or sponsorship received for education taxed?
Is research that’s funded by grant income subject to VAT?

Exhibitions and conferences

What constitutes a conference or an exhibition under the UAE VAT law?
What is the VAT rate on exhibition and conference services?
Who is eligible to apply for a licence to rent out space for an event in the UAE?
Who is eligible to apply for a licence to provide access, and allow people to attend or participate in an exhibition or conference?
What documents do I need to submit to the FTA in order to obtain a licence for renting out space?
How do I apply to get a licence for granting access to events?
How long will it take for the supplier’s application to be processed by the FTA?
What is the validity of the licence for granting access to events?
What is the validity of the licence for renting out space?
When should I apply for a renewal of my license to host or provide event access?
How do I apply for licence renewal?

Gold and Diamonds

Is VAT applicable on the supplies of gold and diamonds?
When do these supplies incur VAT?
Does the supplier need to report taxes for the supply of gold and diamonds?
If I buy gold and diamonds in order to resell them, can I recover the VAT on the supply?
What format should I follow for my written declaration when purchasing gold and diamonds?
Are there penalties for these supplies?

Labour Accommodation

Are labour camps and labour accommodations subject to VAT?
When is a labour accommodation considered a residential property in the UAE?
When is a labour accommodation considered a serviced accommodation?
What are some of the services provided as part of residential property?

Law Firms

Is my law firm required to register for VAT in the UAE?
Can I recover the VAT that I’ve paid on input costs for my law firm?
How does the reverse charge mechanism work for law firms?
What will attract a penalty for my law firm?
What records should I maintain for my law firm?


How are medications treated under VAT?
How is medical equipment treated under VAT?
Which medical services are zero-rated?
Which medical services are taxed under VAT?
What are the VAT rates in the healthcare sector?

Online shopping

Is online shopping taxable?

Recharge Cards

Is VAT applicable on Salik recharge cards?
Are data packages subject to VAT?
Are recharge cards subject to VAT?


What is a public transport according to the UAE VAT law?
What is a private transport and how is it treated under the UAE VAT law?
Will the same VAT treatment apply to the purchase of a vehicle and transportation service made using the same vehicle?
What type of local transportation services are exempt from VAT?
What type of transportation supply qualifies for zero-rated VAT?


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