Is it possible to use different templates for invoices? If so, how do I choose them while sending invoices to my customers?

Yes. There are multiple templates for invoices and you can assign any of them to your invoice.

View existing templates

To view your existing invoice templates:

  • Go to Settings > Templates.

From here, you can add multiple invoice templates.

  • Click the + New button.
  • Select any template from the gallery of invoice templates by clicking Use This on the template.
  • Select the Template Language and click Use This.
  • Once this is done, you can select any one of the templates as default by clicking the Settings drop-down on the invoice template and selecting Set As Default.

All the templates in this page will be available for you to select while creating an invoice or sending the invoice to the customer.

Select templates for invoices

You can change the template for any existing invoice. Here’s how:

  • Go to Sales > Invoices.
  • Select the invoice for which you want to set the template.
  • Hover over the invoice, click the Customize icon in the top right corner of the invoice and select Change Template.
  • Select the template of your choice and click OK.

After you’ve changed the template of this invoice, you can send the same to the customer.

You can also choose to change the template for an invoice while creating it. Here’s how:

  • Create a new invoice or edit an existing one.
  • Scroll down to the Template section.
  • Click the Edit icon next to it.
  • Select the template and click OK.

Set default invoice templates for customers

You can also assign a default invoice template for a customer. When you do so, every time you create an invoice for that customer, the particular template will be auto-selected.

To assign a default template for a customer:

  • Go to the Contacts module in the left sidebar.
  • Select the customer to whom you want to assign the template.
  • Click More > Associate Templates.
  • Select the template under Invoice PDF.
  • Click Save.

Now, whenever you’re sending an invoice to the customer, it will be in the format of the selected template. If needed, you can change the auto-selected template while creating an invoice for the customer.

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