No one likes remembering passwords (or worse, resetting the ones they’ve forgotten). But, believe it or not, there’s a reason so many vendors have strict password requirements, and it’s not just vague concerns over security. In 2017, stolen or weak passwords were to blame for 81 percent of hacking-related breaches. And breaches are bad for business.

That’s why we built OneAuth, a mobile app for multi-factor authentication (MFA) that helps you protect your account from password breaches. We’ve supported traditional two-factor authentication methods involving text messages, voice calls, and Google Authenticator for a while now. But with OneAuth, a mobile app exclusively for MFA, we’ve pushed the boundaries further to make authentication more convenient and more secure.

Zoho OneAuth | Multi-Factor Authentication

OneAuth lets you choose how you’d like to verify your identity. It offers four authentication modes:

  • Biometric – Face ID (iPhone X) and Touch ID (fingerprint, in Android)
  • Push notification – A push notification on your mobile phone when logging in
  • QR scanning – Scan a QR code to verify your identity
  • Time-based OTP – A numeric code, that lasts 30 seconds, to authenticate your login

If your mobile device happens to go offline, there’s no need to worry—OneAuth still lets you use MFA through an offline token.

OneAuth also supports single sign-on for mobile devices. Now you can sign in to the OneAuth mobile app and skip signing in to each Zoho app individually, just like how it works on the web. OneAuth goes beyond authentication, by helping you manage your active sessions, restrict sign-in to your account, and set up safe locations.

Zoho One Security

If your organization is using Zoho One, it’s easy to enforce strong password policies and multi-factor authentication across the board. You can also create security policies for specific user groups and choose your authentication modes to protect accounts with access to sensitive information.

Ready to give OneAuth a try? Download it for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Give it a spin and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Md Ali Akbar

    how to learn it & how to open it

    • Saravana Raja

      Hello Ali

      Pls download the app from the above links and install it on your mobile. Check our help documentation for a detailed explanation of the app and how it works. If you’re facing any particular issue, reach us at for quick help.

  2. Mwebe Morgan

    I can only use my Zoho mail from my laptop. I can’t log in using my smartphone. Sometimes, a laptop becomes cumbersome to carry and your phone is the best ally. I have installed OneAuth, a mobile app on my phone but can’t send a verification code to proceed on my mobile Zoho platform, It is very perplexing.

    • Saravana Raja

      Hello Morgan, I’ve passed on your feedback to our support team who will get in touch with you shortly and fix if any there are any issues.

  3. rakesh kumar yogi

    I like hit but i am not understand but me toking demo zoho crm

    • Saravana Raja

      Hello Rakesh, hope Zoho CRM demo is going well. Zoho OneAuth is a mobile app that you can use to authenticate (or authorize) your login to your Zoho account. This will help you protect your account and no one can hack your account even if they get to know of your account password. Hope this helps. If you’ve got more questions, pls write to We’ll set up a demo for you.

  4. Hasan

    It’s awesome I using it for my Zoho account, but it’s possible to using built-in Time-based OTP for another web accounts such as Twitter or LinkedIn?
    Thank you so much

    • Saravana Raja

      Thank you Hasan. Currently, it’s not possible to use OneAuth with other web accounts. We’re working on it though and it should get ready soon. Will let you know once it’s available for early access.

  5. Juan Carlos

    ¿Que ocurre si en algún momento no tienes el dispositivo donde esta instalado OneAuth?. ¿ No puedes acceder a la cuenta??

    • Saravana Raja

      Sí. Pero puede contactar a nuestro equipo de soporte en quien verificará los detalles de su cuenta y restablecerá el acceso. Gracias.

  6. Just another user


  7. Zoho User

    Good and easy to use multi-factor authentication app, OneAuth, to secure and protect our Zoho Account without any additional cost and is available in all plans of all the services.