Why do you need a free project management software?

Today project managers can take advantage of that reduce the amount of paperwork and space they once needed. Now companies are migrating their project management tasks to the Internet. The purpose of an online project management system is to organize and simplify projects from start to finish. It centralizes all the information that are easily accessible from anywhere and at anytime using a simple web browser in a secure way.

The difference between web-based project management tools and traditional downloadable software is that with the latter you do have to install software, no maintenance and hassle free which makes it quite powerful and easy to setup and run your projects. They do offer tools apart from the normal project management tools to improve communication with your project team. In addition, if you need to create a nice, you can do so in no time by taking a print out anywhere and at anytime you wish for your reference

Zoho Projects offers the following features in Free Plan to get started :