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Zoho Webmail

Zoho Mail has an intuitive webmail, that is feature rich and easy to use for the users. It has a lot of features that enables the business users to manage their mailbox effectively using the various organization, classification and colloboration features provided by Zoho webmail. It has a lot of customization options to suit various indivudual user preferences. 


Top Links

The links on the top right of your Zoho Mail, provides the links to other Zoho Apps, Shortcuts to compose and email, create an event etc, a link to the Settings page, Help documents and to sign out of your active Zoho Session.

  • Zoho Apps – It provides you the option to add other Zoho apps like CRM, Support in the Apps bar for the currently active session.  
  • Shortcuts – You can use this to quickly compose a new email or new event Use this to quickly start composing a new email, add a new note, task or link. 
  • Settings – You can use this page to change your General settings like Password, Timezone or custom settings for Mail and Calendar. 
  • Help - The oline help resources can be accessed from this link. Further, you also get to interact with the community in the forums or read our blogs about recent updates. 
  • Sign Out – You can sign out of your active Zoho Session. When you sign out, you will be signed out of all the other Zoho services running in the browser and you may lose any unsaves data in those services. If you do not want to be signed out of other Zoho Services, just close the Zoho Mail tab. 

Apps Pane

The apps pane can be used to access different Zoho Applications from the same window. The default applications available are Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks and Links. There is an option available to add custom pages or applications using 'Add App' option. The custom page you add using URL should support being embedded in iFrame, for the link to be added. Some pages like Google, Gmail etc, cannot be embedded in iFrames. 

Steps to manage the applications:

You can manage the applications added in the Sidebar following the steps below:

  1. Login to mail.zoho.com
  2. Click Settings >> General >> Applications 
  3. Click the Status icon to Enable or Disable the respective applications. 
  4. Click Save to save the changes.


You can drag and drop the application in the Apps bar to change the order in which the applications are displayed. 


Left Pane

The left pane remains constant and has the Compose button, Folders, Labels and Views. You can switch between the folders, views and Labels from here. You can drag and drop custome folders to organize and arrange them. 

The bottom of the Left pane has the different POP Accounts listed one below the other. Click and Select the account to activate it and switch to the account. If you have more than 3 POP accounts, you can click on the More link to view the POP accounts not visible in the stack. 

Tabbed View

Zoho Mail supports tabbed view in the main area. By default the emails are listed in the First or the Default tab, based on the currently selected Folder or Label or View. The user can choose the default option as Inbox or Unread Emails view in the Appearance Settings. When the user switches a different folder or label or view, the default tab is overwritten to match the current selection. 

When the user searches using Basic Search or Advanced Search, the results are listed in a new tab. The main tab with the active selection is not overwritten. However if the user performs another search, the tab with the Search results will be overwritten with the new results. The tab name will reflect the user's Search criteria. 

If the user click on the thread icon, the Conversation view gets launched in a new tab, without affecting the default tab or the Search tab.

Apart from this, a user can launch an email in a new tab, without affecting the Default, Search or the Thread View tabs. 

If the email has an attachment that is compatible with Writer, Sheet or Show the user can launch the attachment in the relevant application in a new tab in Zoho Mail. 


The user can have more than 10 tabs open simultaneously. This feature enables the user to work without loosing the current context. 

Email Listing Tab

Email listing tab is the area where the emails are listed based on the selected Folder/ Label/ View/ Search. The emails can be sorted and searched in this area. You can also drag and drop the messages from Mail listing pane to various folders to move them, or over labels to apply labels. The attachments can be accessed directly from the Mail listing pane, by clicking the Attachment icon. 

Preview Pane

Preview pane or Three pane view can be toggled using the option available in the email listing. Preview pane is the most convenient option to browse through emails and easily skim through the contents. By default the Preview pane is available at the bottom. The users can switch to horizontal preview pane or even disable the preview pane from the Appearance Settings.  

Search Box

Search box is the small text box located above the mail listing pane to search the mails based on the selected options. You can enter the search text in the edit box and select the required criteria to search mails.

Embedded Chat bar

The embedded Chat bar located at the bottom enables the users to communicate in real-time with their online contacts or buddies. You can add/ invite your contacts to use Zoho chat. You can communicate instantly with the contacts using the integrated chat application. The Active chats, Chat history along with any alerts or notifications can be viewed im the Chat bar. The missed chat notification, helps you to read the instant messages sent to you when you were offline.

Browsers Supported

Zoho mail is a web based email. You need not install any email client or any application in your system to receive your emails. You can use just your browser to view your mails online. Zoho Mail supports the following browsers.

  • Firefox 2.0 and above
  • IE 6 & above
  • Chrome
    The following browsers can be used to access Zoho mail, but they are not extensively tested for all the features.
  • Flock
  • Opera 9.2 & above
  • Safari

Regardless of the browser type, you must enable JavaScript and cookies to use Zoho Mail effectively.

Enable JavaScript

If JavaScript is not enabled in your browser, Zoho Mail will not function properly. Follow the instructions below to enable JavaScript in some of the popular browsers. If your browser is not listed below, refer to the help resources of your browser to enable JavaScript.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer. From Menu bar, Click Tools | Select Internet Options
  2. In the Security tab, con the Custom Level button.
  3. Locate the Scripting section and the sub-section Active Scripting in it.
  4. Under Active Scripting options, select ‘Enable’ to enable Active Scripting and click OK

For Firefox

  1. Open Firefox. From Menu bar, Click Tools | Options
  2. Select Content Tab
  3. Select ‘Enable Java Script' and click OK


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