Maximize productivity—minimize confusion

Orchestly brings teammates involved in a process together on one platform, to help you avoid costly miscommunication.

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    Simplify the hiring process

    Identifying and acquiring talent can be laborious and time-consuming—so orchestrate your workflows online to save yourself the time and effort. Create a process for hiring and build your Blueprint according to your department's needs. Assign the right people to the right tasks and watch the work get done.

  • 02

    Onboarding has never been easier

    Get your new recruits used to their work environment in no time. Organize inductions, introductory meetings, and other activities, hassle-free. With Orchestly, you can skip the emails and calls—one look at the Blueprint, and you know exactly what your team's next action will be.

  • 03

    Pave the way for better communication

    Collaboration with teammates is vital for any task to be completed successfully. Orchestly cuts down the factors that lead to confusion, as all the information you need to know about the process is right in front of you.

Created specially for your HR needs

While you manage employee affairs, we optimise your workflows.

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    Eliminate surprises

    Avoid confusing one candidate with another. Upload resumés to their respective workflows and their information will always be where it should be.

  • 02

    Access contextual infomartion

    Add criteria—like candidate experience or previous salary—to your workflows when it will make a difference in upcoming rounds of interviews.

  • 03

    Assign responsibilities

    Break down time-consuming processes like background checks, training, or evaluating pay raises. Assign people to tasks that suit them best by analyzing their performance under Reports.

  • 04

    Get work done on time

    Mark tasks as high priority, and set early deadlines on important workflows like access requests, employee grievances, and violations.

  • 05

    Automate processes

    Create a default Blueprint for recurring processes that go through the same stages, like exit interviews, so it's more easily manageable.