Start Building Zia Skills

Expand Zia's abilities by developing new skills. Teach Zia to answer questions about your business, interact with custom modules, or update third-party software.


Create Skills with Deluge

Zia skills are written in Deluge, Zoho's scripting language that empowers developers to customize Zoho applications and integrate with third-party software. You can focus on expanding Zia's abilities without worrying about the complexities of cloud infrastructure.

See Documentation create-skills

What Skills Can I Build?

Since Zia skills are powered by Deluge, you can build just about anything. Here are a few examples:

Create a daily report

Ask Zia for a daily report and she can look up all the key information you spend time hunting down every day.


Onboard employees

Teach Zia to answer questions about your company or help new employees understand the way you do things.


Update your subscribers

Ask Zia to push all the leads from a recent ad campaign into your third-party email marketing software.


Get briefed on a customer

Let Zia brief you on what products a customer has purchased, when they last visited your website, and if they have any open help tickets.


How it works

Go to the Zia Developer console from your Zoho CRM setup screen.

Add an action in your "Customize" tab. Enter your question or command, and any variants of it Zia should recognize.

Tell Zia how to respond by writing a direct answer (Answer a Question) or by constructing a response in Deluge (Perform an Operation).

Once you update Zia, your skill can be called from either the Ask Zia button in CRM or Zia voice on the CRM mobile app. The skill will be triggered by any of the phrases you set up within the action.

Develop No-code Skills

Develop No Code Skills

Develop Skills in Deluge

Develop Skills in Deluge Example Script