Introduction to Transactional Emails

Transactional emails

Transactional emails are automated emails usually triggered by a user action on a website or an application. The recipient is actively seeking this email. These emails consist of sensitive information based on user behaviour on a website or an app. Non-delivery of your transactional emails can impact your customers and your business. You can view the examples of transactional emails below:

  • Account Creation - User invites, account activation emails, password reset emails, log-in attempt notifications.
  • Billing Information - Information about credit card payments, addition and deletion of beneficiaries, sending OTPs or information related to electronic fund transfers.
  • Payroll systems - Payslip and salary information.
  • Payments - Purchase receipts, refund emails, confirmation messages, cancellation messages, payment subscription emails, abandoned cart emails, invoices, payment failure or subscription renewal emails.
  • Notifications - Trial expiration emails, account-reactivation emails, account deactivation emails, privacy policy updates, new sign-in messages, account deletion messages or other account-related notifications.

Bulk Emails

A term that can often be confused with transactional emails is bulk email. Bulk emails differ from transactional emails in the sense that they are usually a single email campaign (like newsletters, promotional emails etc.,) sent to a large group at once. Bulk emails are not triggered by a particular user action in a website or application. Hence, users are not actively seeking these emails.

Bulk Emails vs Transactional Emails

Transactional emails differ from bulk emails in the following ways :

Bulk EmailsTransactional Emails
Sent to a large group of recipients (contacts, subscribers, downloaded or bought email lists) at once Triggered by a user action on a website or an application
They can be unsolicited emails tooRecipient is actively seeking these emails
May land in user's promotional or spam folderThey are delivered to the recipient's inbox
Eg., Newsletters, marketing emails.Eg., Account activation emails, password reset emails, OTPs. 

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What is Zoho ZeptoMail?

ZeptoMail by Zoho Mail is a dedicated email sending service to send your transactional emails (like welcome mailers, payment receipts, invoices, OTPs, alert emails)alone. Here at ZeptoMail, we ensure that these important emails reach your customers' inbox on time

Why are Bulk Emails not allowed in ZeptoMail?

As mentioned earlier, we support transactional emails alone to ensure greater deliverability and to maintain trustworthy IP addresses. This is done owing to the fact that marketing emails have a higher possibility of getting flagged as spam. As a result, internet service providers might deem the IP addresses unreliable. To avoid this, we use our services to send transactional emails alone.

Having a common IP for both bulk and transactional emails will affect your transactional email delivery. Hence, with our dedicated service we ensure timely inbox delivery.

You can refer our Getting started guide to create your first account today.


If you are an existing user of any of the Zoho applications like Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Desk, etc., there is no need for you to separately connect ZeptoMail with your Zoho Application(s). All emails sent by Zoho Applications are powered by ZeptoMail.