Zoho Inventory


Can I receive payments online from my customer through Zoho Inventory?

Of course you can, if you have the required details and approval of your customer.

payment mode drop down in the recording payments page

To charge the customer:
  • ​Click on the Invoices tab on the side bar.
  • Open a preferred invoice.
  • Click on the Record Payment button
  • Click on the Charge Customer option in the record payment drop down. Note: The Charge customer option is available to you, only if you have integrated with the payment gateway that’s available in your customer’s country.
  • A pop up to charge your customer appears. You can charge the customer through the payment gateway that you are integrated with.
  • Click on Proceed to the interface to charge your customer.
  • Review the items in order.
  • Fill up the billing information.
  • Choose the Payment Method and proceed.
  • Incase you chose the option to save credit card information, this gets securely saved to the payment gateway you are integrated with.
  • This data can be used for future transactions with your customer and the saved cards will be displayed on the contact page of that customer.
charging your customer pop up