Easily generate personalized documents in bulk with mail merge

Generating personalized documents usually means working with both fixed and dynamic content. Use Zoho Writer's advanced capabilities to create and share personalized emails, letters, and documents—and improve your productivity.


Customized merge templates

Work more efficiently by quickly creating a merge template in Zoho Writer. Design templates from scratch or add merge fields to PDF files. With Zoho Writer's powerful editing and formatting tools, you can easily combine and generate documents in bulk. Writer also includes document merge capabilitie such as:

  • Cross-reference values from tables

    Pull values from cells in the same table or in a different table in your merged document. Carry a value, word, or formula from one table to another with its reference. For example, copy a gross salary from Table 1 to Table 2 to calculate net salary just by referencing the table cell.

  • Insert matrix fields

    Make timely and precise decisions by representing multiple choice question responses as a table. Merge specific responses for clear data visualization. You can also combine survey responses and view them as a single table in Zoho Writer.

  • Hide unnecessary spaces

    Say goodbye to blank cells and spaces in your merged documents to make them look cleaner and neater. Let's say you need to send laptop specs to your customers and hide lines for accessories that are not available. Simply hide the empty lines and send the document to your customers.

Support for multiple data sources

Work flexibly with the option to retrieve data from a variety of sources and merge it with your documents in Zoho Writer. Create or import merge fields and customize your merge template using advanced merge and sign fields.

Use conditions to tailor your merged documents based on various input options and check/uncheck options in your documents based on your input.

The data sources Zoho Writer supports include:

  • Zoho Data Sources:

    Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, Zoho Forms, Zoho Contacts, and Zoho Sheet.

  • External data sources:

    CSV Files, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and Microsoft Excel.

Merge preview options

Preview your merged document before performing various actions, like print, download, or email.

  • View each value

    Everybody loves a sneak peek. Get a glimpse of the merged document for each input value and make corrections before proceeding with the merge.

  • Check for conditions

    Make sure conditions have been applied correctly for your input values in your merged documents. Click each input to ensure only the appropriate content is visible.

Post-merge workflows

Determine what actions you'll take with your merged documents. Choose from a variety of options: store, distribute, or share them, and invoke functions to perform various actions.

  • Save and personalize

    Save your merged documents in the location of your choice. Choose how the document should be merged: as a separate document for each input value or a single document for all values. You can save your merged documents in any file format, such as PDF or .docx.

  • Merge and email

    Share your merged document through email. You can choose whether to send it as inline content or as a file attachment. Customize sender names for your emails and have your CRM content as your email body. Add attachments (either unique or standard across emails) from your data source or cloud drive.

  • Merge and send for signing

    Send your merged documents for eSignature collection. Configure signer options, determine a signing order, add a subject and description, customize the document name, and more in Zoho Writer.

  • Merge and invoke a custom function

    Do more with your merged documents. Configure functions from our gallery or create your own function to define post-merge operations.

  • Password-protect merged documents

    Ensure the security of merged documents with a password. Your password can be a combination of input fields for maximum protection. For example, require the recipient to enter their name and date of birth so that only the correct person can open the merged document.

Schedule and track merge status

Schedule your merge operations and track their progress with the built-in merge tracker in Zoho Writer. Get automated email notifications for mail merge initiation and completion.

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The Zoho advantage

Writer is just one of 40+ apps in the ever-growing Zoho ecosystem. Each one is designed to help you run your entire business on the cloud. This close-knit integration means you can quickly create mail merges from your leads in Zoho CRM, or from your employee information in Zoho People and Zoho Recruit.

The Zoho advantage