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Check for plagiarism and duplicate content easily using
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Check for plagiarism
Zoho’s plagiarism checker

Plagiarism detector powered by Zia, Zoho's AI writing assistant

Identify plagiarism as well as grammatical errors and writing issues in your content with just one click. Zia compares your content across billions of indexed webpages and uses its AI-driven algorithm to detect plagiarized and duplicate content.

Highlights of Zia's
plagiarism checker

  • Plagiarism summary

    Get a quick summary about the amount of plagiarized content in your document. Zia presents the plagiarized vs unique sentences as a percentage or pie chart for easy understanding.

  • Detailed plagiarism report

    Generate a detailed plagiarism report with a list of all matching sources and the number of matching sentences in each source.

  • Source-specific plagiarism

    View all sentences that are similar to the ones in your document, for each source, along with the extent of plagiarism in them.

Plagiarism summary
Detailed plagiarism report
Source-specific plagiarism report

Types of plagiarism that Zia detects

Our online plagiarism-checking tool uses many techniques to detect plagiarism and duplicate content.

  • Exact-match content

    Zia compares the content with the top five matched webpages and identifies all the content that matches exactly with anything on these webpages.

  • Paraphrased content

    Zia checks for cosine similarity (changes in adverbs, nouns, etc.) to detect plagiarized content. For example, if your document has "John went ahead with the photoshoot" and any of the indexed websites has "John has gone ahead with the photoshoot", Zia would flag it as plagiarism.

  • Word-order match

    Zia compares your content with other webpages for word-order matches, and even if it contains sentences from a webpage in a different order, it would still be highlighted as plagiarized content.

  • Common knowledge content

    To ensure accuracy and avoid false positives, Zia ensures that common knowledge content, such as "the sky is blue", which would be widely used, is not highlighted as duplicate content.

Zia’s other smart capabilities

Besides detecting duplicated or plagiarized content, Zia also offers other helpful capabilities to assist you in writing and editing.

Spelling and grammar check

Zia provides intelligent, real-time spelling and grammar suggestions for your documents in various languages, including English, French, and Spanish. Zia offers these suggestions based on the context and pattern of the sentence, right as you type.

Spelling and grammar check
Writing assistance and analysis

Writing assistance and analysis

Zia helps you create impactful and concise content:

  • Improve readability by highlighting run-on sentences, polysyllabic words, sentence length, and more.
  • Enhance writing quality by spotting wordy phrases, cliches, passive and rephraseable sentences, and more.
  • Generate content with AI-driven capabilities.

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