Insert Stylesheets in Zoho Writer

Writer | August 16, 2006 | 1 min read

Zoho Writer had an update a few minutes before. Another most wanted feature made it to the list – that of inserting CSS. The below image shows this feature in detail.

What’s more, as the above image depicts you can insert other standard styles like Title Heading, Quote, setting a background color for the document etc. The feature currently works by giving the URL of a stylesheet on the web. This will be enhanced further.

Many of you had this suggestion of not moving the editor pane down while clicking on Share, Email Out etc. We have made these a div bubble pop-up. This methodology will soon be extended to Options, Tell a Friend & Feedback links too.

Accessing the Print function has been made easier. Clicking on the ‘Print Preview’ link (present just above the Zoho Writer toolbar) will open up a preview window & you can  use the print from the browser there.

Do test the new features in Zoho Writer & let us know your feedback.

  1. James

    Where can I find nice stylesheets to use

  2. James

    Where can I find nice stylesheets to use