Switch from Google Meet to Zoho Meeting

Once you have made your switch to Zoho Workplace from Google Workspace, you'll need to set up your Zoho Meeting account. This guide will help you explore the features available in Zoho Meeting by comparing them with Google Meet features.

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  • Get started with Zoho Meeting
  • Features you'll enjoy in Zoho Meeting
    • Instant meetings
    • Recording and storage
    • Lock meetings
    • Mute and remove participants
    • Encrypted audio, video, and screen sharing
    • Web-based meetings
  • Compare Google Meet and Zoho Meeting features

Get started with Zoho Meeting

Log in to your Zoho Workplace account from workplace.zoho.com using your email address and password. Navigate to Zoho Meeting from the header. After you have signed in to your account, you can start using Zoho Meeting for your business.

To get started with Zoho Meeting, you can explore the following topics:

Features You'll Enjoy in Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting offers many features that enable you to meet online safely and collaborate efficiently. Here are some of the features that can be beneficial for you and your team to work together online.

Instant meetings

Conduct instant meetings with your team to have quick discussions for urgent decision-making. You can start a meeting simply by clicking the Meet now button in your Zoho Meeting account and share the joining link via chat or SMS.

Recording and storage

Record your meetings and store them within your Zoho Meeting account. Use recordings to recap discussions or share them with someone who could not attend a meeting. Play recordings online or download them to your computer for offline use.

Lock Meetings

Lock meetings to keep them private. No one can enter a locked meeting without the permission of the meeting host. Conduct secure meetings using this feature and prevent hackers and abusers from intruding into your online meetings.

Mute and remove participants

Moderate your meetings by muting participants or even removing participants when they're no longer part of the discussion.

Encrypted audio, video, and screen sharing

Zoho Meeting is a secure meeting software offering DTLS-SRTP encryption for both audio and video. Screen sharing is encrypted on both the presenters’ and participants’ ends. We also follow the latest TLS protocol version 1.2 and use certificates issued by SHA 256.

Web-based meetings

No need to download any software: Zoho Meeting works well on common browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Start and join meetings directly from your browser and avoid unnecessary downloads.

Compare Google Meet and Zoho Meeting features

This feature guide will give you a detailed explanation of the features available in Zoho Meeting in comparison with the features in Google Meet.

 Google Meet Zoho Meeting
Unlimited number of meetings

Google Meet does not limit the number of meetings you can conduct.

Host unlimited meetings regardless regardless of the edition you subscribe to using Zoho Meeting.

To schedule a meeting, click Schedule a meeting in your Zoho Meeting account. To conduct an instant meeting, click Meet now.

Join from browser

You can join meetings from your browser using Google Meet.

Unnecessary downloads occupy drive space and can also make your desktop vulnerable to security threats. With Zoho Meeting you can join meetings directly from popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

To start or join a meeting from the browser, click the meeting link. By default the meeting window will open in a new tab.

Add external participants

You can add anyone as a participant in Google Meet.

You can add external contacts who are not part of your organization's account as participants your online meetings. They can easily join meetings without signing up with Zoho Meeting.

To add an external participant, select Schedule a meeting > click Add next to participants > Enter the email under Invite by email address >Click Done.

Share your screen

Google Meet allows screen sharing during online meetings.

Zoho Meeting helps your team collaborate better with screen sharing. You can share your entire screen or just an application window with other participants during an online meeting.

To share your screen, start or join a meeting using the meeting link and click Start sharing. Select the screen or application you want to share and click Share.

Meeting dial-in options

Google Meet participants can join meetings through their phones using dial-in numbers.

If you are in an area with poor internet connectivity, you can join meetings through your phone using local and toll-free dial-in numbers for any region.

To join a meeting using dial-in numbers, enter the dial-in number for your region followed by the access code of your meeting. Both the link to the dial-in numbers list and the access code to your meeting can be viewed in the meeting invitation email.

Record meetings

Record meetings and store them on the cloud with Google Meet.

Record your meetings to revisit them whenever you want. Play recordings online, share them with team members who couldn't attend or download recordings for offline use.

To record a meeting, click Start recording in the top menu bar after you start a meeting. To protect your organization's information, only meeting hosts can record meetings.

Mobile apps

Google Meet's mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

You can use the Zoho Meeting iOS and Android apps to start and join meetings from anywhere you want.

To download the Zoho Meeting mobile apps, visit our mobile page.


In Google Meet, two-step verification adds an extra layer of security.

Zoho Meeting keeps your online account safe and secure through multi-factor authentication every time you log in to your account.

Learn more about MFA in Zoho Meeting.

View upcoming and past meetings

In Google Meet, you cannot view a list of past and upcoming meetings.

You can view the list of all your upcoming and past meetings in one place - your Zoho Meeting account. This will give you a comprehensive look at the discussions and collaborative sessions you've had previously and those you're planning in the future.

To view your past and upcoming meetings, click My Meetings in your Zoho Meeting account.

Unlimited duration

Google Meet has a 60-minute cut off time for meetings in the free edition.

Regardless of your subscription edition, you can host meetings for as long as you need in Zoho Meeting. There is no time limit for the duration of your online meetings.

Learn more about hosting meetings in Zoho Meeting.

View recordings in your account

To view your Google Meet recordings, you need to access your Google Drive storage.

Just like viewing the list of your past meetings, you can also access all your meeting recordings in your Zoho Meeting cloud storage. You can play them online, download them, share them with someone, or delete them.

To view your meeting recordings, click My Recordings in your Zoho Meeting account.

Recording storage based on number

Recordings in Google Meet are stored in Google Drive. The storage space varies according to different plans. Google Meet will not store recordings if the storage space is exceeded.

In Zoho Meeting, storage limits are based on the number of recordings. So even if you are recording a long discussion, you don't need to worry about exhausting your storage space while at it.

Learn more about recording meetings.

Organization account

Google Meet allows administrators to create organizational units with members and assign access permissions. Depending on their permission, team members can record meetings or just live stream.

If you are a manager or team lead, Zoho Meeting makes it easier than ever to manage your team members from an organization account. You can add your team members to your organization account and assign licenses to them as required. You can also schedule meetings and designate a team member as the presenter of the meeting if you want.

To add a member, go to Settings > User Management and click New user. Only admins can add and remove team members.

Organization settings

Google Meet does not offer Organization settings.

Admins can manage organization settings, including use of camera in the organization for video meetings and participant entry/exit notifications.

To edit settings, go to Settings > Manage Organization. Only admins can edit organization settings.


Google Meet does not support co-branding.

Admins can add their organization name and logo to Meeting email headers for brand awareness.

To add organization name and logo, go to Settings > Manage organization and edit Organization Info. Only admins can add and edit organization name and logo.

Lock Meeting

Google Meet does not allow meeting hosts to lock meetings.

The Lock Meeting features helps meeting hosts protect meetings from hackers, abusers, and other online intruders. No one can enter a locked meeting without the permission of the meeting host.

To lock a meeting, click Lock Meeting in the top menu bar after you start a meeting. Only meeting hosts can lock meetings.

Mute all participants

In Google Meet, the meeting host can mute individual participants during a meeting.

To moderate meetings and cancel background noise, meeting hosts can mute select participants or all participants at once in Zoho Meeting using the Mute All option.

To mute all participants, click Attendees in the top menu bar after you start a meeting, then click Mute all. Only meeting hosts can mute all participants.

Sound notifications for entry and exit

Google Meet does not have this feature.

The admin can enable sound notifications for entry and exit of participants in online meetings. This will help meeting hosts keep an eye on who enters and leaves an ongoing meeting.

To enable or disable sound notifications, go to Settings > Manage Organization and edit Meeting Settings.

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