Switch from Google Drive to Zoho WorkDrive

Now that you have switched to Zoho Workplace from Google Workspace, this guide will help you get started with Zoho WorkDrive, our online file storage and collaboration platform for teams.

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  • Get Started With Zoho WorkDrive
  • Zoho WorkDrive Features You'll Enjoy
    • Team Folder: shared space for your team
    • My Folder for working on personal goals
    • Enhanced User Interface
    • External sharing, redefined
    • Universal content search
    • Security you can trust
    • WorkDrive add-on for Gmail
  • Feature comparison between Google Drive and Zoho WorkDrive

Get Started with Zoho WorkDrive

You can access WorkDrive from your Workplace dashboard by signing in with your Workplace account credentials and navigating to WorkDrive from the header. You can also head to workdrive.zoho.com, log in to your WorkDrive account with the credentials you created when registering for Zoho Workplace. You will then be redirected to the WorkDrive home page, where you can access all your team and personal files.

Zoho WorkDrive Features You'll Enjoy

WorkDrive offers two different spaces to securely store your files and collaborate with your team: Team Folders and My Folder.

Team Folder: shared space for your team

You can now manage all your team files in a single place using WorkDrive's Team Folders. Create Team Folders for a particular function, department, or even a project and add all the relevant team members to it. This way, everyone has immediate access to the information they need, and team members can view what others are working on.

My Folder for working on personal goals

WorkDrive's My Folder gives you a separate space to create, upload, and work on personal files. When you want to involve your team, you can always move the files to a Team Folder and start collaborating, or you can share it individually with team members as well.

Enhanced User Interface

WorkDrive's simple yet powerful user experience is focused on presenting the user with the right information and options at the right time.

  • Folder-first approach: It's hard to be organized when you're bogged down in the details. With our folder-first view, you see your folders first, then the list of the files you've stored.
  • Thumbnail view: Our thumbnail view gives you a quick preview of your file even before you open it. You can increase the thumbnail size to view it in larger sizes.
  • Unified user experience: Get a seamless experience across the web and on your mobile devices. With the WorkDrive apps for iOS and Android, you can access files from anywhere, create Team Folders from your smartphone, share files, manage external share links, and more.

External sharing, redefined

Forget the hassle of emailing large documents to members outside the organization. With WorkDrive, you can now generate an external link for any file or folder, label the link for easy identification, and easily send it to your key stakeholders.

Universal content search

Search for files using specific keywords and filter them by file types, date, and location. You can also search and filter the content within each team and Team Folder as well.

Security you can trust

In addition to industry-specific compliance standards, WorkDrive also offers account-level security options including two-factor authentication and account access restriction from certain IP addresses.

WorkDrive add-on for Gmail

Don't worry about downloading attachments and uploading them to your WorkDrive: save your Gmail attachments directly to your WorkDrive account using our Gmail add-on. You can also share your WorkDrive files in emails using share links. Read more about the WorkDrive add-on for Gmail here.

Feature comparison between Google Drive and Zoho WorkDrive

Here's a feature comparison of WorkDrive with Google Drive to help you find your way around and make the most out of Zoho WorkDrive.

 Google Drive Zoho WorkDrive

Google Drive offers individual storage, meaning each team member gets their own storage.

Zoho WorkDrive is built around the team as a work unit. Each member of any team has different storage needs. To cater to this, WorkDrive gives your entire team a shared storage space with no individual limit. That way, everyone gets the storage they need, and no one's unused space goes waste.

Accessing documents

You can create files and folders in Google Drive or upload them from your desktop.

You can create files and folders or upload them from your desktop. You can also pick files from other cloud services and save them to WorkDrive.

Click the + NEW button in the top menu bar, then select Import from Cloud from the dropdown menu.

Select the required cloud storage service, log in to your account, and grant access to WorkDrive.

Once you have successfully authenticated your account, you can browse your files from the cloud storage service in WorkDrive.

Read more about importing files from cloud storage services.

Search for files in Google Drive and further filter them based on author or file type.

WorkDrive's advanced search will help you find any file instantly, even if you don't know the file name. WorkDrive not only searches by a file's name, it also searches file content to find any related words or phrases.

Google Drive supports OCR.

WorkDrive supports Optical Character Recognition and Object Detection.

OCR helps to extract the text within images, scanned documents, and images inside documents, converting them into searchable metadata. With the Object Detection feature, you can now search for images based on objects in them.

Currently, WorkDrive supports 50+ objects and we are continuously adding more.

Online office editors

Google Drive comes with its native office editors: Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

WorkDrive comes with a built-in office suite: Zoho Writer (word processor), Zoho Sheet (spreadsheet tool), and Zoho Show (presentation tool).

Internal collaboration

To work with your team, you can share files to individuals or a group. You can share the folders as well.

You can manage team files using Shared Libraries.

Create Team Folders to work with your team and add relevant team members to it. This way, any file added to the Team Folder will be available to every member in your team.

You can create Team Folder by clicking the + from the left pane. Read more about team folders.

Google Drive's permission levels: Manager, Content manager, Contributor, Commenter, and Viewer.

WorkDrive offers four different roles at the Team Folder level: Admin, Organizer, Editor, and Viewer.

Google Drive does not have an option to create public folders.

You can create a public or private Team Folder in WorkDrive.

Private Team Folder: Only the members who have been added to a private Team Folder can access its files and folders.

Public Team Folder: Anyone on your team can view and join a public Team Folder. All team members can browse through its documents, participate in discussions, and contribute value.

You can share, manage access, and view recent activities for files and folders in Google Drive.

You can view the complete activity report at both Team Folder level and file level.

Click Manage next to the Team Folder name in the top to invite new members, manage roles, view Trash and monitor team activities at the Team Folder level.

To manage these at the file level, select a file and click more options icon from the top action bar. Navigate to Properties, where you can manage unlimited file version, access statistics, and detailed activity reports.

External collaboration

Google Drive lets you share files with anyone and set the expiration date and password for the link.

Select a file or folder, click Share from the top action bar, and then click New.

From the dropdown, select External share link.

A pop-up window opens where you have the option to set a password for the link, set an expiration data, disable downloads, and request viewer data.

In WorkDrive, you can create multiple external share links for the same documents and share with different user groups.

You can track who has viewed the file and downloaded it.


Google Drive offers all notifications under a single tab.

WorkDrive offers two kinds of notifications, one at the Team Folder level, the Unread section, and another at the team level, the Global notifications.

To view updates at a Team Folder level, select a Team Folder and click Unread on the top bar.

Click the bell icon in the top right of your screen to view all updates at the Team level.


You can access trashed files from the Recycle bin.

You can manage trash at three levels: from your My Folder space, Team folder space, and at the Team level. You can restore files or delete them forever.

Desktop sync app

Google Drive offers a desktop sync app for versions Windows 7 or later, and Mac El Capitan (10.11) or later.

WorkDrive offers an app for Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu Linux desktop. Sync files and work offline. Read more about WorkDrive's desktop sync app.

Mobile apps

Google Drive offers apps for both iOS and Android.

You can download the WorkDrive apps for both Android and iOS. Learn more about the mobile apps available in WorkDrive.

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