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Mail Lite

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Mail Premium

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Workplace Standard

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Workplace Professional

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Billed Annually /User /Month /User /Month /User /Month /User /Month /User /Month
Billed Monthly /User /User
Mail Storage per user5 GB10 GB50 GB30 GB100 GB
WorkDrive Team storage per user--10 GB100 GB
Support and Migration
24x7 Support (email, chat, and call)yesyesyesyes
99.9% Uptime guaranteeyesyesyesyes
Migration toolyesyesyesyes
Zoho Mail
Attachment limit (Mail)30 MB40 MB30 MB40 MB
Huge Attachment Limit (Mail)up to 250 MBup to 1 GBup to 500 MBup to 1 GB
Email Groups yesyesyesyes
Email Sharingyesyesyesyes
Folder Sharing with Delegationyesyesyesyes
Email Recallyesyesyesyes
Email Forwardingyesyesyesyes
Active Syncyesyesyesyes
Email Aliasesyesyesyesyes
Domain Aliasesyesyesyesyes
Custom Loginyesyesyesyes
White Labeling-yes-yes
SAML based SSO integrationyesyesyesyes
S/MIME Encryption-yes-yes
TLS Encryptionyesyesyesyes
Email retention-yes-yes
eDiscovery (Mail)-yes-yes
Zoho Mail app for iOS and Androidyesyesyesyes
Zoho Mail Admin Mobile App yesyesyesyes
Streams Mobile app for Team collaborationyesyesyesyes
Zoho WorkDrive
Online File Storage (Team Storage)--yesyes
File upload limit--1 GB1 GB
Files and folder sharing--yesyes
Universal content search--yesyes
External file sharing--Multiple external links per fileMultiple external links per file
Encryption at rest (256-bit AES) and SSL/TLS encryption--yesyes
Preview of 160+ file formats--yesyes
Team folders--yesyes
Granular access controls--yesyes
Roles and permissions--yesyes
Sub-folder level sharing--yesyes
Unread notifications--yesyes
Admin Dashboard--yesyes
User management--yesyes
Password protected links--yesyes
Desktop Sync--yesyes
Zoho Writer, Sheet, and Show
Online Document Editor--yesyes
Online Spreadsheet software--yesyes
Online Presentation tool--yesyes
Zoho Writer app for iOS and Android--yesyes
Zoho Sheet app for iOS and Android--yesyes
Zoho Show app for iOS and Android--yesyes
Integrated Calendaryesyesyesyes
Resource Bookingyesyesyesyes
Calendar Syncyesyesyesyes
Group Calendarsyesyesyesyes
Appointment Schedulingyesyesyesyes
Calendar on mobileyesyesyesyes
Group tasksyesyesyesyes
Share Tasksyesyesyesyes
Recurring Tasksyesyesyesyes
Attachment support in Tasksyesyesyesyes
Add mail as Taskyesyesyesyes
Link Task to Mailyesyesyesyes
Mobile access to Tasks via Streams appyesyesyesyes
Group Notesyesyesyesyes
Sticky Notesyesyesyesyes
Share Notesyesyesyesyes
Attachment support in  Notesyesyesyesyes
Add Mail as Notesyesyesyesyes
Link Note to Mailyesyesyesyes
Mobile access to Notes via Streams appyesyesyesyes
Zoho Cliq
Real-time messagingyesyesyesyes
Group Chat/Channelsyesyesyesyes
Voice and Video callsyesyesyesyes
Zoho Cliq app for iOS and Androidyesyesyesyes
Searchable messages--UnlimitedUnlimited
File storage--100GB for org100GB per user
Max. participants per channel--10010,000
User provisioning and de-provisioning--YesYes
Google/Google Apps sign-on--YesYes
SAML based single sign-on (SSO)--YesYes
Screen sharing--YesYes
Remote Work--YesYes
Read Receipts--YesYes
Custom Domain---Yes
Custom Email---Yes
Custom user roles and permissions---Yes
User groups (Teams)---Yes
External channels---Yes
Multi-team channels---Yes
Announcement channels---Yes
Exclusive security policy for teams---Yes
Get user, department availability reportsReports---Yes
Communicate with external users (vendors, clients) easily by adding them as guestsGuest Chat---Yes
Zoho Meeting
Video Conferencing--Up to 10 participantsUp to 100 participants
Screen Sharing--Yesyes
Cloud storage for up to 10 recordingsEach host can store up to 10 session recordings. Play and share recordings online or download them.--Yesyes
Zoho Meeting app for iOS and Android--Yesyes
Zoho Connect
Social Media style Intranet with unlimited groups---yes
Task and Knowledge management---yes
External users access---5 external users per member
Zoho Connect app for iOS and Android---yes