Minimalistic and easy-to-use word processor crafted mindfully to serve all your writing needs.

  • Simple interface

    Enjoy our crisp, clean UI and access our intuitive tools when you need them.

  • Variety of templates

    Adhere to standard document styles to ensure professionalism and consistency across your organization.

  • Focused writing experience

    Zero in on what you are writing now. Focus Typing highlights your current paragraph by blurring the rest of the document.

  • Comfortable viewing

    Experience the easy viewing of Writer's Night Mode, which is particularly helpful for users who like to work in the dark.

  • Internet-free work options

    Write from anywhere—even if you don't have an internet connection. Your work will be synced once you are reconnected.



Smart, collaborative, and secure spreadsheet data management for your business.

  • Helpful templates

    Choose from various templates that help you track and organize your information.

  • Pre-defined functions

    From basic to complex, perform calculations quickly with our 350+ pre-defined functions.

  • Custom functions

    Need to perform a calculation that's not covered by Sheet? Create your own personalized function with minimal coding using the Deluge integration.

  • Automatic data cleaning

    Save yourself the trouble of manually spotting and correcting errors. Easily identify duplicate values and fill in missing information.

  • Race charts

    Transform your data with animated bar charts for holistic data visualization.

  • Automated workflows

    Say goodbye to repetitive tasks when you can take advantage of automation.



Create and deliver engaging presentations from anywhere in the world.

  • Contextual UI

    Experience a clutter-free and intuitive interface that empowers you to create professional-quality presentations.

  • Creative design options

    Engage your audience and create compelling content with our wide range of templates.

  • Video and animation

    Illustrate your message using creative animation options. Enhance your story by adding audio and video to your slides.

  • Cloud repository

    Create a library of templates, slides, and fonts for the members of your organization to access anywhere. Refine your brand image and maintain a consistent style across the organization.

  • Dynamic data displays

    Represent complex data with easy-to-understand infographics. Use animated charts for a more engaging audience experience.

Everyone on the same Page Page Sheet Slide Page

Easily track suggestions and revisions for seamless collaboration.

Build together

Build together

Create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with your team in real time.

Monitor collaboration

Monitor collaboration

See when collaborators are viewing a file. The live cursor tagged with their name will appear on the content or cells as they navigate.

Share without sending emails

Share without sending emails

Directly invite collaborators and assign them appropriate access levels. Collaborators can perform actions based on their permissions.

Post contextual comments

Post contextual comments

Highlight specific portions of your content or cells to facilitate contextual commenting and discussions.

Tag to engage your collaborators

Tag to engage your collaborators

Tag collaborators in the comments to send them email notifications so they're always in the loop.

Stay in control

Maintain control over your documents—even when you invite collaborators

Lock your work

Lock your work

Lock selected portions of your document that you don't want edited or modified. You can also lock specific slides within a presentation.

Track changes

Track changes

Effortlessly track every edit made to your document by every collaborator.

Accept or reject changes

Accept or reject changes

Choose to accept or reject every suggestion made. This way, you can still be in control of your work.

Access audit trails

Access audit trails

Get a holistic view of every edit made to your cells using the Log Report in Sheet.

Manage versions

Manage versions

Save multiple versions of a file without saving copies. You can compare versions and revert to previous versions.

Publish your work

Share your work with the world, effortlessly.

Create fillable forms

Create fillable forms

Design smart fillable forms to distribute as questionnaires, feedback requests, and more. You can even add fillable fields to PDFs.

Make it public

Make it public

Publish your files to make them visible to everyone in your organization and beyond.

Maintain control

Maintain control

Allow or restrict file exports while publishing, and undo publishing whenever you want.

Embed in websites and blogs

Embed in websites and blogs

Using embed codes and various customization options, embed your sheets and presentations in your blogs, forums, and websites.

Broadcast your presentation

Broadcast your presentation

Deliver your presentation remotely to audiences anywhere in the world with Show. Encourage questions and meaningful discussions in the chat panel. Share the stage with co-presenters.

Smart assistant, Zia

Our AI-powered assistant works hard to make your job easy.


Zia is trained to improve your writing by providing grammar suggestions, readability scores, and writing quality checks.

Data visualization

Zia automatically creates charts, builds pivot tables, and answers your data-related questions, so you can focus on thoughtful analysis.

Smart assistant, Zia

Your work, saved to cloud

Take your work with you, no matter where you go.


Never worry about losing your work! Our apps routinely auto-save your files, so you can always start from where you left off.

Access from anywhere

Work on your files anytime you want, from any location and any device.

Take your work to the cloud

Enhance your experience with integrations and compatibility tools

Writer and Zoho Sign

By integrating Zoho Sign with Writer, draft important agreements and contracts and send out for signatures directly from the app.

Live link data from Sheet to Writer or Show

Live link your sheet to your Writer document or your Show presentation. Changes made to your sheet, will be automatically reflected in your presentations.

WordPress for Writer

Post your blogs directly to WordPress from within Writer. All your images and formats are preserved.

Humaaans for Show

Create beautiful illustrations of people that reflect your brand's core identity.

Compatibility check

All your text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are compatible with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint respectively.

Export in various formats

Export files in a variety of formats to meet your needs and preferences.