Transitioning towards Remote Staffing

A remote staff is one who is hired by a company or agency for temporary work, who are likely to work outside of a traditional office environment. Remote Staff are used by a wide variety of large and small businesses for improving efficiency and productivity by hiring staff on a temporary basis. It has become an integral part of the modern business landscape, especially during the on-going pandemic. The remote staffing strategy has helped businesses for faster turnaround times, increased competitiveness and the cutting of overall operational costs.

As the demand for remote temp work has increased dramatically, clients have bigger expectations and are increasingly dependent on remote working. If you need help with this, we've got you covered. Here at Zoho Workerly, we work towards ensuring you and your team feel supported and are equipped to adapt to the rapid changes you may be experiencing.

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Transitioning towards Remote Staffing

Social distancing and remote staffing

Social distancing is an important measure during this crisis, and  having   a tool to manage your remote workforce and productivity   at home is essential. When it comes to temporary workforce management, temp staffing software is a great choice.   Trust Zoho Workerly’s  temp scheduling software, designed for agents to seamlessly schedule jobs, generate timesheets, and send out invoices—all while working remotely.

Accelerate remote staffing with Zoho Workerly

Zoho Workerly is a great fit for all temp staffing agencies, regardless of their size or industry. It empowers agents with organized dashboards for seamless job scheduling and time recording.

Temp and client management

It's not always about scheduling, timesheets, or invoices. As you look for a virtual staffing process, you'll also need a database to manage your clients and temps. By signing up with Zoho Workerly, you can gather all your temp and client data in one place. If you have it on spreadsheets, no worries! You can simply import them to Zoho Workerly.

Shift scheduling - Remote staffing

Flexible shift scheduling

When you have your temp's details, scheduled shifts, and availability all in one place, remote workforce management becomes a breeze. Whether it's scheduling, rescheduling, or cancelling a schedule, Zoho Workerly's Roster View makes it easier than you imagine.

Electronic timesheets

When you're looking to digitize remote temp staffing, timesheets in Zoho Workerly help out! It's a fast and an accurate way to monitor and manage the number of hours spent by each of your temps. To top it off, it makes processing payments for temp work simple.

Digital Timesheets - Remote staffing
Digital approvals - Remote staffing

Digital approvals using e-sign

For temp staffing agents who are into remote staffing, Zoho Workerly has its marketplace equipped with e-sign integrations. Use Zoho Sign , DocuSign , and Adobe Sign for a quick, easy, and paperless way to get documents signed/verified by temps or clients.

Timely invoice generation

A temp staffing software that enables easy invoice generation and processing is vital. Zoho Workerly's 'Export to Payroll' feature with our built-in Zoho Books integration helps you create invoices and process payments quickly.

Invoice generation & Bill processing - Remote staffing
Temp portal - Remote staffing

Temp Portal

With Zoho Workerly's dedicated temp portal, temps can track their current, upcoming, and completed schedules. They can also clock their work hours and mark their unavailability. These time logs can be further used for generating timesheets.

Be in the know

Keeping everyone informed is always a top priority, and it's especially crucial for remote staffing. Using Zoho Workerly's integration with third-party vendors - Twilio, Screenmagic, Clickatell, and Messagemedia , you can easily get in touch with temps and clients. You can also send bulk messages and emails to temps and clients, informing them about updates to their scheduled shifts.

Communication - Remote staffing

Zoho Workerly's mobile app for temps

As more temps work remotely, Zoho Workerly's mobile worker app facilitates temps to view all the schedule information they need and clock their work hours on the go!

  • View assigned jobs
  • Accept/reject a job
  • Create and submit timesheets for approval
Zoho Workerly's mobile app for temps

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You can sign up with Zoho Workerly using your work email address. As you sign up, we'll offer you a 14-day free trial . During these uncertain times, we are happy to help you transition to remote temp scheduling and assist you in every possible way. Stay safe and feel free to reach out to us at