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Frequently Asked Questions.

Zoho Wiki is commonly used for Enterprise Intranets, Team Collaboration, Online Knowledge Base and in Education.


    Q. What is Wiki?

    Simply, Wiki is a website. Website is a collection of web pages. You can create/edit HTML pages online using browsers. Wiki website is useful for collaborating with others. For example, Team Members, Students, Family, Friends and Community Members. It is also known as editable website.

    Q. What is Zoho Wiki?

    Zoho Wiki is a free online tool to create collaborative web portals. So, No download, No installation, No special IT infrastructure, No need for IT experts, No need for Webmaster. You can access your wiki anywhere, anytime, if you have internet connection.

    Q: Who is a User in Zoho Wiki?

    Zoho Wiki user is any person who can log into Zoho Wiki

    Q. Is Zoho Wiki free to use?

    Yes. It is absolutely free for personal use and you can buy any plan based upon your usage. Click here to view wiki pricing.

    Q. What are Workspaces?

    Categorize your content into independent, fully customizable workspaces for effective knowledge segregation. Each workspace acts as an independent portal. Teachers can create separate workspace for each class. Organizations can create different workspace for each team or project. Each workspace has it's own access control ensuring fine grained security.

    Q. Is it possible to setup Enterprise Wiki using Zoho Wiki?

    Yes. It is possible. Click here to see how to setup enterprise wiki.

    Q. Is there a limit to the number of pages, revisions etc ?

    No, there is no such limit currently. You can have any number of pages per Wiki and there is no space limit.

    Q. How do I transfer the ownership of the secondary wiki?

    Existing owner (You) must send an e-mail informing us of the secondary owner's Zoho ID (the new owner should be a registered Zoho user). We will take care of the rest.

    Q. Where should I look to know the way my whole Wiki is arranged?

    Click on the 'Site Map' link next to 'Navigate pages' in the side panel. In the 'Site Map' page, you can easily drag-and-drop pages for changing the hierarchical structure.

    Q. Can I see the past versions of my pages?

    Yes, you can. Click on the 'Version' link at the top and you will see the page's past versions. You can compare any two versions and can revert to any old version as well.

    Q. Can I change my Wiki's look and feel?

    We offer varied themes. Click on Settings -> Wiki Themes for changing your wiki's look and feel. You can customize the site elements by clicking on
    Settings - > Customization. From here, you can also upload your own CSS (style sheet) for advanced customization.

    Q. Can I search for text across my Wiki pages?

    Yes, use the 'Quick Search' box in the side panel for searching.

    Q. Can I insert Zoho Show presentations and Zoho Sheet workbooks/charts in a Zoho Wiki page?

    Yes, you can. Please click the following help documentation links for inserting Show and Sheet.

    Q. What languages does Zoho Wiki support?

    Zoho Wiki supports Unicode, UTF-8 character set. Hence, it should be possible for any language to be typed into a Zoho Wiki page.

    Q. I find that some words will automatically be linked (a red dotted underline). And I cannot remove these links. How do I go about removing the link?

    This is indeed the expected behavior. All Wikis have this feature where words/phrases in CamelCase (similar to Title Case) are automatically shown as HTML links. To take out the HTML link from such words, kindly choose the word and click on the 'No Wiki' icon (it is the third one with a bold red line slashed across the 'W') in the Zoho Wiki toolbar. The HTML link will disappear then.

    Q. I'm trying to set up a wiki for a project we're working on and I want this to be private and not shown to the public. How do I set up the account so that I am the administrator, while allowing invited users to read and post comments? What settings should I use?

    Zoho Wiki has the option to make your Wiki accessible to only a 'Group' of users.

    Login to your Zoho Wiki account, click on the 'Settings' link at the top-right and in the Settings tab that opens, you will find the options under the heading 'Permissions'. You can choose the 'Reading' part as 'Group(s)'. You can set the 'Editing' / 'Posting Comment' fields as you like - either Groups(s) or Only me (private). Click on the 'Save Changes' button and your Wiki will not be visible to public (you can test this by logging out and trying to access your Zoho Wiki URL).

    Once you are done with the above settings, you can add members by clicking on 'Group Members' link at the top. When you add mail IDs of the persons, they will receive an email stating that you have added them to your Group Wiki. They can then sign-up with Zoho Wiki and then subscribe to your Wiki.

    Q. How do I link a word or phrase as a HTML link?

    Choose the text to be linked and click on the 'Insert Web Link' icon (the one shown as a chain link in the second row) in the Zoho Wiki toolbar. Choose the right option for you - 'Wiki Pages' (if you want the link to go another Wiki page), 'URL' (any external web page) or 'E-mail Address' (if you want the link to be a mailto: email ID). The image below shows how it would look like when the 'URL' option is chosen.