Getting started

 What is a wiki?

Simply, wiki is a type of website and a website is a collection of individual web pages. Wikis are known for being easy to edit. A wiki website is particularly useful for collaborating with numerous individuals, like team members, students, family, friends and community stakeholders.

 What is Zoho Wiki?

Zoho Wiki is a free online tool to create collaborative web portals. No downloads, no installation, no special IT infrastructure, no need for IT experts, no webmasters. You can access your wiki anywhere, anytime

 Who is a user in a wiki?

Zoho Wiki user is anyone who can log into Zoho Wiki

 Pages and Workspaces

 What are workspaces?

Categorize your content into independent, fully customizable workspaces for effective knowledge segregation. Each workspace acts as an independent portal. Teachers can create separate workspace for each class while organizations might make different workspace for each team or project. Each workspace has it's own access control, thereby ensuring fine-grained security.

 How can I see the past version of my pages?

Click on the 'Version' at the top of the page to see the page's past versions. Compare any two versions or revert to any old version.

How do I move a page from one workspace to another?

Drag and drop your page from one workspace to another on the sitemap page (wiki menu at the top > sitemap


 Can i search for text across my wiki pages?

Yes, use the 'Quick Search' box in the side panel for searching.

 How do I add an HTML link to a word or phrase?

Choose the text to be linked and click the 'Insert Web Link' icon (it's a chain link in the second row of the toolbar). Select whether you want to link to another wiki page, an external website, or an e-mail address.

 Will I get notifications when other users make changes in my wiki?

Yes, if you add your wiki to your watch list, you will receive email notifications whenever a wiki is modified. To add a wiki to the watchlist select "Watch this wiki" option from the footer tab.


 Where should i look to know the way my whole wiki is arranged?

Click on the 'Site Map' link next to 'Navigate pages' in the side panel. On the 'Site Map' page, drag-and-drop pages to change their hierarchical structure.

 Can i change my wiki’s look and feel?

We offer numerous customizable themes. Click Settings -> Wiki Themes to change your wiki's look and feel. You can customize the site elements by clicking on Settings - > Customization. Or upload your own CSS (style sheet) for advanced customization.

 How do I add a custom URL for my wiki?

Choose custom domain from settings. Add your own domain and set it as primary. Access your domain provider/service provider's control panel and map the CNAME to your wiki's domain.

 What languages does Zoho Wiki support?

Zoho Wiki supports Unicode, UTF-8 character set. Hence, Zoho Wiki supports any language.


 Can I insert other Zoho apps in a wiki page?

Yes. You can insert Zoho apps and also certain other third party widgets in your wiki page.


 How to setup a private wiki for groups?

Zoho Wiki makes it possible for your wiki to be accessible to only a select group. Choose Permissions under the settings tab and then select 'Groups'. Add members with the 'Add Members' option.

 How many users can be added to a single wiki?

Invite upto three users for a free account. More users? Upgrade your account for as many users as you need.

 How to add admins to my wiki?

Select "Adminstrators" under wiki settings and enter user email addresses to add new admins

How to transfer ownership of a wiki?

To transfer the ownership of your Wiki enter the new owner's email id in the "Wiki Owners" section.


 Is Zoho Wiki free to use?

Yes. It is absolutely free for personal use. Need a bigger plan? Pay just what you need based on your usage.