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Zoho Webinar vs Zoom Webinars

Unique benefits

Last updated on: 12th October, 2023

  • Features

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  • Subscription plans

    Zoho Webinar offers paid plans catering to a range of audience sizes, from as few as 25 attendees to as many as 5000 attendees.

    Paid plan starts from 25 attendees.
    Only available for 500+ attendees.
  • Reasonable pricing

    Zoho Webinar is reasonably priced to be affordable for startups, small businesses, and enterprises alike.

      /month/license(500 attendees)
    $79 /month/license(500 attendees)
  • Browser-based (no downloads required)

    With Zoho Webinar, you can avoid downloads and easily hold web-based webinars.

  • Does not use third-party apps

    Zoho Webinar does not depend on third-party applications for any of its functionalities, and never shares users' data with any outside party.

  • No data tracking or ads

    We do not and will never track data to show ads you may be interested in.

  • Embed registration link

    Embed the webinar registration links on your web pages, allowing attendees to provide their email address and quickly join your sessions.

  • Consistent user experience across devices

    Zoho Webinar's user-friendly UI remains consistent across devices, enabling users to switch from one device to another easily.

  • Toll-free rates

    Zoho Webinar provides toll-free numbers to your attendees to let them join your webinars through their phones.

  • Minimum number of participants

    Host up to 100 attendees using the free version and a maximum of 5,000 attendees in the paid version of Zoho Webinar.

    25 attendees
    500 attendees
  • Co-organizers

    Can be a part of practice sessions, view attendee lists, handle Q&A, polls, and recording and more.


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Zoho Webinar:

A seamless and secure Zoom alternative for your business


Ease of use

Zoho Webinar is known for its user-friendly interface and intuitive setup. The transitioning to Zoho Webinar is smoother, making it an attractive choice for individuals and businesses looking to host webinars without the hassle of complex setups.



From email marketing prior to the webinar to the post-webinar redirection on the end page, we provide customization choices to align with the visual identity of your brand. This can be important for maintaining a consistent brand image during your Streamline business communication and improves productivity with Zoho Meeting.


Security and privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and data when you use our apps. Organizers can take control over attendee permissions to ensure secure communication during webinars. We follow the latest TLS protocol version 1.2 and use certificates issued by SHA 256.

Learn more here

Manage recording access

Organization admins can access advanced recording settings include the ability for the organizers to record the session, share the recording, and an active speaker indicator, to name a few. The admin can also customize the recording layout, recording quality, user notifications, and much more.

Learn more here.

Analytics and reporting

Track attendee engagement, gather data on attendee interactions, and generate reports. These analytics are integral to planning your webinars because they provide valuable information about the level of engagement from your attendees and make improvements over time.

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Zoho Webinar’s pricing structure is always competitive, which could be appealing for businesses looking for cost-effective alternatives to other webinar platforms. Zoho Webinar pricing starts at $8 per organizer/month, billed annually.

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Learn why Zoho Webinar is the best alternative to Zoom Webinar

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No downloads required

Unwanted downloads consume storage capacity and expose desktops to potential security risks. Zoho Webinar functions seamlessly across contemporary web browsers. It operates without the need for downloads and prioritizes safeguarding your personal privacy.

Send automated webinar invites and follow-ups

Send targeted email invitations to your existing customers and leads including enticing subject lines, compelling content, and clear registration instructions. After the webinar concludes, automated follow-up emails are sent to both attendees and absentees with thank you messages and recording links.

No third-party apps needed

Zoho Webinar is an online webinar software built entirely by Zoho from scratch. It does not depend on any third-party apps for any of its functionalities. Zoho Webinar also will never share users' data with third parties for commercial purposes, making it a secure alternative to Zoom. We take user trust and safety seriously.

Simple, beginner-friendly UI

Features a user-friendly interface that is intuitively navigable, even for those without prior exposure to webinar software. Initiating your webinar journey is swift, enabling you to conduct webinars for sizable audiences effortlessly.

Join from any device

Download Zoho’s webinar apps for iOS and Android and attend webinars on-the-go. Attendees can view the screen and also interact with the organizers from their mobile phone efficiently.

Affordable plan options

Zoho Webinar is reasonably priced, which makes it an affordable Zoom alternative for startups and small businesses. Anyone can evaluate Zoho Webinar before they subscribe by using a 14-day trial edition. Zoho Webinar users can conduct webinars for up to 60 minutes in the free edition, unlike Zoom, which exerts a 40-minute cut-off limit.

You decide when to give consent

Zoho Webinar always requests your consent before performing important actions, such as turning your web camera on or recording or share screening during webinars. Organizers will have full control over attendees without giving them unnecessary privileges, which would be a violation of privacy.

Conduct secure online webinars

Zoho Webinar safely encrypts all of your personal identification information (PII). This means that Zoho Webinar cannot read or interpret any information shared during an online webinar. All transmissions take place through SSL/128-bit AES encryption protocol, which is the industry standard security practice.

  • zoom alternative for video webinars CA Dr Gopal Krishna Raju, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

    "Zoho Webinar completely transformed our online training program. The user-friendly platform and global reach helped us overcome challenges and create a seamless learning experience for participants worldwide."

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