Scheduling a webinar with registration

Zoho Webinar allows you to create an event that captures the information you need from your target audience.

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    Audience management

    The registration process allows you to collect essential information about your attendees, such as their names, email addresses, job titles, and company details. This data helps you better understand your audience and tailor your webinar content to their needs and interests.


    Lead generation

    By capturing attendee information during the registration process, you can build a valuable database of potential leads.


    Attendance tracking

    Registration helps you keep track of who has signed up for your webinar, allowing you to estimate attendance and plan accordingly. This information helps you manage logistics, allocate resources, and ensure a seamless experience for your attendees.

Webinar registration forms

Customizable registration forms help you gather necessary information from your attendees so you can better understand their needs and offer solutions.

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    Customization and branding

    Zoho Webinar provides options to customize the registration form with your branding elements, such as your logo, and custom fields. This branding consistency enhances your professional image and reinforces your organization's identity.


    Embed webinars

    Embed the registration widget on webpages and blogs for people who visit your page to learn about your webinar and register for it. They can also join the webinar at the scheduled time directly from the widget without accessing email invitations.


    Advanced settings

    Using the advanced settings, you can customize the registration process for webinars, such as the maximum number of registrants, allow registration only with an authorized domain, approve or block users from certain countries to register for the webinar, and so on.

Webinar registration form template

Add predefined or custom fields to your registration form to learn more about your leads' business needs, requirements, industry, and roles, as well as other details. You can also clone your webinar to keep the customized registration form as a template for your future webinars.

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    Add fields

    Zoho Webinar gives you many useful predefined fields that you can easily drag and drop into your registration form. You can also create new fields if you want to get more data from your audience.


    Ask questions

    Add custom fields with descriptive short-answer questions and multiple-choice questions to your registration form to learn more about your audience.


    Create mandatory fields

    Mark a field as mandatory to ensure that all attendees provide the data required for that field without skipping it.

Registration moderation

Zoho Webinar offers two registration moderation settings for scheduled webinars. In automatic approval mode, all webinar registrants are automatically approved to attend, but you still can cancel their registration if necessary. On the other hand, in manual approval mode, you have the control to allow or deny entry to each registrant based on your discretion.

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    View registration list

    View the details of all webinar registrants before they receive the link to join your webinar.


    Approve or deny registration

    Accept registrations to let registrants attend your webinar. Denying someone's registration will prevent them from receiving the link to join your webinar.


    Cancel registration

    If you want to keep your audience small and your attendee count has exceeded your target, you can easily cancel registrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How do you create a custom webinar registration field?

The registration form has default fields: Name and Email ID. You can click Manage Fields to edit, delete, or make the fields mandatory by clicking the options next to them.

02. How do you moderate webinar registrants?

Organizers can choose the registration moderation setting of any scheduled webinar in one of the following modes:

  • Automatic approval mode: Anyone who registers for the webinar will be automatically approved to attend. Organizers will still be able to cancel any attendee's registration if needed.
  • Manual approval mode: If anyone registers for the webinar, organizers can allow or deny them entry.

03. Can I schedule a webinar without registration?

Scheduling a webinar without registration will allow attendees to join without needing to register for the webinar. You have the choice of allowing anyone with the link to join, or allowing only authenticated users to join.

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