Spoiler alert: You can't respawn after a cyber attack

Data breaches continue to be on the rise in 2022, targeting business and personal accounts alike. In fact, cyber attackers target gaming accounts more than ever before because they're considered desirable by hackers who find ways to easily exchange in-game items for profit.

Accounts linked to valid credit cards or other financial accounts are highly valued targets and used to purchase in-game credits or items that can later be traded. Thanks to weak, reused, and stolen credentials, hackers don't even have to break sweat to steal gaming accounts.

You can block many of these threats by simply adopting a password manager. Password managers like Zoho Vault safely remember your passwords so you don't have to. All you would need is to remember the single master password that guards your password vault.

6%of the 193 billion credential stuffing attacks in 2020 targeted gaming websites, a 224% increase from 2019. 3 in 5hacking-related data breaches are the result of weak and stolen credentials $5Cost per million records of password dumps available on the dark web

Source: Akamai and Verizon DBIR 2021

Why choose Zoho Vault?

Zoho Vault is a free password manager that allows users to save unlimited passwords, signed documents, addresses, and other sensitive details. Vault will also safely generate strong, unique passwords for all your accounts, identify your weak passwords from the security dashboard, and enable multi-factor authentication for your password vault. You can also sync your passwords across unlimited devices for free.

Why choose Zoho Vault
  Ian Stirling MD, Objectives Reached

"I tried three other programs before Zoho, and never really liked them. Zoho just works—and works well."

  Lee Hayward Founder, TheCloud.org.uk

"The great thing for me about Zoho Vault is that you get to use all the important features, across multiple devices, even if you're using the free version. An incredible product by an outstanding company."

  Victor Abbah Nkoms Zoho Vault User

"I love how Zoho Vault integrates seamlessly with my favorite apps. It's really nice to never have to remember my passwords or use one password across multiple accounts. A total savior!"

The safest inventory for your data

Vault uses zero-knowledge architecture, ensuring the user's data is encrypted and decrypted locally on their device via the user's master password with industry standard AES 256 encryption. Only the encrypted data is transmitted to Zoho's servers and is stored at rest. Your master password is never stored or transmitted to our servers, meaning no one but you, not even Zoho, has access to your saved data.

Additionally, Vault is part of Zoho Corporation, a bootstrapped and private company that has been around for 25+ years, offering over 60+ applications. We value our users' privacy and never display ads or sell or share their data to third parties.


Zoho Vault offers a robust free plan for individuals, with easy-to-use unlimited password storage, and flexible business plans for teams. The ease of use, low cost, and modern security features make it stand out from the competition. That's why Zoho Vault is an Editors' Choice winner for password managers.

If you’re looking for a password manager that your family or company can use together, then Zoho Vault is your choice. It’s easy to use and the web application works on all major platforms.

Zoho Vault provides robust password management for individuals, families, and businesses. The free personal plan has plenty of features, and the paid plans allow you to start small and scale up as needed. Even better, the redesigned user interface lets tech novices and experts alike hit the ground running.

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Made for leisure and business

Vault does more than just protect your personal passwords. With Vault's premium editions, you can safely share passwords with your friends, families, and colleagues. Businesses can also track the weak passwords owned by their users, enable passwordless authentication for their daily business apps, track every user's actions through real-time audits and reports, and much more. Claim $150 worth of free credits when you purchase any of our paid plans.

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Password safety wherever you need

Manage your passwords on mobile with Vault's native apps for iOS, Android, and iPadOS, and Apple Watch. Vault also offers browser extensions for all popular browsers and can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world—even when you're offline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Zoho Vault really free to use?

    Yes, Zoho Vault's personal edition is and will always be free. We never have and never will monetize our free users by displaying ads or selling their data to third parties.

  • Wait, then how does Zoho Vault make money?

    Vault offers three different paid editions that start at $1/user/month. We make money through users who purchase our paid plans to share passwords with their friends, family, or colleagues, and to access other advanced security features for teams and businesses.

  • Where is my data stored?

    Zoho has data centers around the world. During sign up, we'll identify your country based on your IP address and choose the right data center for your account. You can update your location to select your preferred data center as well.

  • Can I import my passwords from the browser?

    You can import passwords from your browser, text files, or even other password management apps to Zoho Vault. Vault readily supports password import for all popular browsers and other password managers.

  • Can I recommend Zoho Vault at my work?

    Sure! If you love using Vault, you can recommend it to your friends and coworkers. If anyone you recommend purchases a paid plan, you will be eligible to earn rewards through our referral program!

  • What are the terms and conditions of the free credits offered?

    The credits offered will be valid for 60 days. You can utilize 100% of the offered credits to purchase monthly plans of any paid edition of Zoho Vault. You can use any leftover credits to renew your monthly subscription as long as you don't add your credit card details. However, if you wish to purchase our annual plans, you can pay as much as 50% of the subscription fee using the free credits. If you still have any questions regarding wallet credits, please write to wallet@zohocorp.com

  • I still have unanswered questions. How do I contact you?

    You can write to us at any time! Send an email to support@zohovault.com and our agents will get back to you in one business day.

Safe passwords = happy gaming. Try Zoho Vault for free today!

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