Securely store, share, and manage your passwords from anywhere with Zoho Vault.

  • Securely store.

    Securely store all your passwords and organize them for easy access and management. Passwords are encrypted with the strongest encryption standard (AES-256).

  • Safely share.

    Safely share common passwords among members of your work group by granting different access privileges.

  • Directly log in.

    Directly connect to websites and applications without having to manually enter login credentials.

  • Control access.

    Easily provide passwords to users and groups in bulk. Instantly deny access when a user is removed.

  • Track actions.

    Track user actions and maintain complete records of team members' password activity with timestamps.

  • Gain visibility.

    With in-depth reports, keep track of which users have access to various passwords.

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Rock-solid security and complete privacy.