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Zoho Invoice saves Coastal Reprographic Services more than 10 hours a week

Coastal Reprographic Services (CRS) is a reprographic firm that was started in 1981 as a blueprint shop for construction companies. Over the past three decades, CRS has developed new services to enhance their customer experience and has seen tremendous growth. Currently, they have three locations in California and are capable of printing anything: posters, laminated materials, flyers—you name it. 

CRS has been using Zoho Invoice for more than five years. Recently, we had a conversation with Ryan Newell, the Operations Manager. Here’s what Ryan had to say about some of the challenges they faced before using Zoho Invoice:

Challenge - Outgrowing manual invoices

“Initially, we were issuing handwritten invoices (the 3-part carbon copy), and it was a lot of manual work. Once the internet and computers became relevant for businesses, we wanted to adapt technology to our invoicing process. We switched to PayPal for invoicing. However, as our business grew rapidly, it was not working as expected, and we ran into problems.

“We were in search of a robust solution that could take care of our entire invoicing process. We signed up for a few applications and evaluated them. After a few weeks, we decided to go with Zoho Invoice.”

Solution - A flexible invoicing platform

“The reason we chose Zoho Invoice was because it catered to all our requirements at that time, and we’ve never looked back since. Our business requirements increased over time, but the application also evolved and helped us with the entire invoicing process.

“To give you some insight, this is the process we currently follow:

  • As soon as we get an order, we email the invoice to the client and print a copy for our internal reference.
  • Once the sample is ready, we alert the client through Zoho Invoice.
  • After the client agrees to the terms, we print the entire batch and deliver it to them.

“Apart from invoicing, Zoho Invoice helps us manage customer credits, too. We offer credits to our clients that they can use for future purchases. The ‘credit notes’ feature is great for this.“ 

Why CRS loves Zoho

“I love the customer service Zoho offers. 

“When it comes to purchasing any product or service online, we (as customers) are so concerned about the customer service. With Zoho, we are really impressed!

“Whenever we have any questions, we reach out to the chat support, and we get answers right away. In fact, we recommended Zoho Invoice to some business owners who were looking for a stable invoicing solution, and they love it, too!”

Ryan has saved 10 hours of order processing time per week using Zoho Invoice. Learn how you can increase productivity by leaving the invoicing to us!


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