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Peter Hestbæk


Freelance photographer

Using Zoho Invoice since:


Peter Hestbæk is a freelance photographer based out of Virum, Denmark and runs his own studio called ‘Fotograf Peter Hestbæk.‘ Capturing special moments frozen in time is a passion that he turned into his business, and he absolutely loves it. Started in 2006, ‘Fotografph now offers photography for weddings and other special occasions or portraits of children and families. 

Let’s hear from Peter himself:

The search for an online invoicing tool

“Photography has been my passion turned into a business. When I started this as a profession, trust me, I used spreadsheets for invoicing! Being a freelancer, I wanted the invoicing process to be streamlined and less time-consuming. I started looking for an online invoicing tool and quickly found Zoho Invoice.”

Zoho Invoice - The perfect fit

“Zoho Invoice is so intuitive that I haven’t had the need to call the support team in a decade!”

“I started using Zoho Invoice in 2008 and love the simplicity of the application. As soon as I started using the app, I saved the details of the services I offer, what it comprises, and the rate [of the package] in the system. Whenever I want to invoice a client, I just pick the right package and invoice them quickly. Sometimes, I visit the client’s location for the shooting, and I use the mobile app for creating invoices on the go.

“I have attached my bank details to the invoice template, so all outgoing invoices have it automatically. Once the customers make the payment and it gets funded into my account, I record the payment in Zoho Invoice and close the transaction. Zoho Invoice helps me send invoices quickly. It also helps me know which clients should be followed up on for payments.”

Why Peter Hestbæk loves Zoho

“As a freelance photographer, creative time is critical for me, and I don’t want to be slowed down by other processes. Since I use Zoho Invoice to create invoices quickly, I get more creative time to focus and make my final outputs even better. That is what I love the most about the application.”

Using Zoho Invoice, Peter has streamlined his invoicing process and made room for more creative time. Learn how it can benefit your business.


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