Zoho Inventory



  1. How do I change the page orientation of my PDF?
  2. How do I get the status of my invoice to show on my PDF?
  3. How can I change my PDF font?
  4. Can I change the document size for printing?
  5. Can I clone a template from one module to another?
  6. Is it possible to display the contents of an invoice in the language of my choice?
  7. Can I add multiple logos for my organization?
  8. How do I set the background image for a template?
  9. How do I add a signature to my invoice template?
  10. How can I remove the online payment link from my invoice templates?
  11. How to set a default template?
  12. Can I customize my document title in the template?
  13. Can I add annexure content to my document?
  14. How to add a new template?
  15. Can I change the template for a particular transaction?