Zoho Inventory


How do I add items in bulk to my transaction?

The + Add items in bulk option allows you to select and add multiple items to your transaction in one go instead of adding them one-by-one.

  • Open a new transaction (SO, PO, invoice, bill or transfer order).
  • Fill up all the mandatory details.
  • Click the + Add items in bulk option under the Items & Description section.

Image of new sales orders mid items section

  • Click the items on the left pane to select them. The right pane displays the selected items where you can adjust the quantity.
  • Alternatively, you can also bulk-select items using the barcode scanning method. To do so, ensure that you have stored the barcode in SKU field of the respective item.

Insight: When you scan an item more than once, the quantity selected for that item increases automatically.

  • Click Add Items.

Selecting multiple items

  • Save your transaction.