Zoho Inventory


How do I import/export purchase orders?

Importing Purchase Orders

Data import can be carried out for each entity in Zoho Inventory including Purchase Orders. To Import purchase orders into Zoho Inventory:

  • Navigate to the Purchase Orders tab.
  • Click on the Menu button.
  • Select the option ‘Import Purchase orders’.
  • The import page opens up.

screen shot of the import option

Note: From here you can download a sample file to check the proper format for upload and ensure your PO file matches that format, or directly proceed to upload that file

Import purchase orders page

  • Choose the file(s) to be imported.
  • Choose the appropriate character encoding. By default it will be UTF-08 Unicode.
  • Choose the File delimiter(comma or semicolon).
  • Click Next to proceed to map the fields.

map fields screen shot

  • You also have an option to enable auto generation of PO number for the file you’re about to upload.
  • Zoho Inventory will auto match the file headers of the imported file to the closest matching field in Zoho Inventory.
  • You can manually edit each field too to match the headers, and save these preferences for future use
  • Click Next to proceed to previewing your import. On proceeding, Zoho Inventory shows you any unmapped field you may have left out or could not match.
  • You can map these by adding new fields matching the respective headers.
  • Click on Import button to import the file(s).
screen shot of import page
Exporting Purchase Orders

To export the purchase orders in your organization:

  • Navigate to Purchase Orders page.
  • Click on the Menu icon at the right top corner.
  • Choose Export Purchase Orders option.

screen shot of menu icon drop down

  • A pop up for exporting the file(s) appears.
  • The entity will by default be Purchase Orders.
  • Choose the format in which you wish to export your POs.(.XLS or .CSV)
  • Click on the Export button.

Note: The file will be downloaded and stored in your default download folder.

screen shot of the export page