Zoho Inventory


How to create a purchase order?

  • Click on the quick create (+) icon next to the Purchase Order tab or the +New icon placed on top of the purchase order window to create a new purchase order.

image of the PO creation icons

  • You will be navigated to a new window for entering the details for the new purchase order to be created.

Image of the new PO page vendor details section

  • Under the Vendor name field, you can either pick the vendors from the list you have already created or you can add a new vendor by clicking on the + New Vendor option.
Vendor name drop down
  • If you choose the option to add a new vendor, a new contact creation tab opens up

New contact window

  • After filling up the required details, click on Save And Select to add the new vendor to the purchase order being created.
  • In the Purchase Order# tab a purchase order number is generated by default.
  • If you wish to manually enter a purchase order number:
    • Click on the Settings icon next to the tab.
    • A pop-up will appear where you can select between auto-generated estimate number or manual entry of purchase order numbers.
Purchase order number settings pop up
  • Date tab is the date on which the purchase order is created.
  • In the Expected Delivery Date tab, you can set the date by which the product should be delivered by the vendor to the you.
  • In the Shipment Preference tab, you can choose or type to add the preferred method of shipment to be done by the vendor.
Enter the Item Details for the Purchase Order.

Image of the new PO page items details section

  • Items can be added from the list of items shown in the drop down that have already been created by you in your Zoho Inventory account.
screen shot of items drop down
  • To add another item, click on Add another line option.
  • Enter the Quantity, Rate and Tax if applicable from the drop down.
  • Tax drop down shows the taxes you created in the settings tab under taxes section and an option to add a new tax if applicable..
  • You can enter the Notes and Terms & Conditions for the purchase order.
  • Check the Use this in future box to use the terms & conditions in all future purchase orders.
  • This will be carried forward while converting the purchase order into an invoice.
  • In the Deliver To tab you are provided with two options.
  • To create a normal purchase order, choose the option Organization.
  • To make a drop shipment check the box near Customer. More about drop shipment will be covered below.
  • The address to deliver can be changed by clicking on the Change destination to deliver.

Image of the new PO page bottom section

  • Now click on Save to save the new purchase order in draft state.