Zoho Inventory


What would trigger a stock update to the integrated sales channels?

Stock update to a sales channel is triggered based on the mode of stock tracking in your organization. If you choose to track the physical stock, then any change in the physical stock of the item (shipments and purchase receives) will trigger a stock update. Likewise, if you choose to track your accounting stock, then transactions that change the accounting stock will trigger a stock update to the sales channel.

Stock update will be triggered only for those items in the transaction that are actively mapped to the sales channel item.

Stock Tracking Mode Transactions that will affect the stock
Accounting Stock Invoices, Bills, Self-Billed Invoice, Bill of Supply
Physical Stock Purchase Receive, Shipment Order, Fulfilling a Salesorder
Both Physical and Accounting Stock Sales Order, Delivery Challan, Drop Shipped Purchase Order, Inventory Adjustments by Quantity, Opening Balance, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Work Order, Composite Bundling. Note: If stock reconciliation is enabled in your organization, then creating an (orphan) invoice or bill will affect both stock tracking methods.