Zoho Inventory


Stock update has not taken place for a marketplace item. What could be the cause?

If the stock hasn’t synced for a particular marketplace item, please do the following checks:

Improper mapping of items

  • Check the item sync history in Zoho Inventory to see if there are any failures.
  • Verify whether the item is properly mapped with the corresponding item from the sales channel.
  • If the items are wrongly mapped then unlink the item in Zoho Inventory.
  • Make small changes to the item information in the sales channel.
  • Initiate a new sync in Zoho Inventory. This would automatically map the marketplace item with the appropriate item in Zoho Inventory.

Learn how you can rectify the incorrect item mapping.

Other possible causes

  • Check whether the sales channel is inactive or the stock sync has been disabled.
  • In sales channels like Shopify, stock update would fail if the item quantity is given in decimals (Eg: 22.5). This is because Shopify doe not allow decimal values for stock. Hence, you need to ensure that the quantity provided is a whole number for successful stock update.

If the problem could not be identified, take screenshots of the item (with URLs) in Zoho Inventory and from the sales channel and contact support.