Zoho Inventory


Can I add more items after creating an item group?

Yes, after creating an item group, you can further add new items or move existing items to the group.

To add a new item to the group:

  • Go to the Item Groups module in the sidebar.
  • Click the item group name to open it.
  • Click the Add Item button at top of the page.
  • Enter all the basic details pertaining to that item.

Insight: You can only choose from the attributes given for the particular item group. You cannot add more attributes while adding a new item.

  • Click the Save button below to successfully add the item to the group.

To move existing items to a group:

  • Go to the Items module in the sidebar.
  • Apply the Ungrouped Items filter.
  • Select the items that you want to group.
  • Click the Add to group button on the top.
  • Choose whether you want to create a new group or add them to an existing group.
  • If you’re adding them to an existing group, select the attributes for each item. Note: You can only select from the existing attributes and not add new ones.
  • Click Save to group the items.