Zoho Inventory


An item from a Sales Channel has been mapped wrongly with another item in Zoho Inventory. What do I do now?

To rollback the changes, you can follow these steps and then get the mapping done correctly.

  • Go to Zoho Inventory and open the item that has been wrongly linked to the sales channels.
  • Click Unlink this item option on the item details page.
  • Select the sales channels from which you would like to unlink this item.
  • Click Proceed.
  • Go to the specific marketplace/sales channel and change the SKU value of the unlinked item.
  • During the next sync, the edited item will again come into Zoho Inventory for confirmation. You can now link it to the correct item.

Note: If the SKU value of the sales channel item is left unchanged, then during the next sync, it will automatically get linked to the same inventory item that it was formerly linked to.