Zoho Inventory


How to see the history of transactions for a particular item?

To find out all transactions and operations associated with an item, you can do so by navigating to the item you wish to know about.

On selecting an Item, a page containing all its details and advanced options opens up.

In this module, we are simply looking at an overview of the sections of this page, what kind of data is available to you and where you can find further options to manage that variant.

On selecting an Item from an Item Group, a page with all information and options opens up. The page has four sections -

  • Overview: This is where all the primary details, sales and purchase information of the item are available.

  • Purchases: Here you find all the purchase orders and associated details related to this item.

  • Adjustments: This section shows the details of the stock of this item that you have adjusted for various reasons.

  • History: This shows all actions performed related to the item from the date of creation, like a time-line.

Note: On top of this you can get all details regarding its stock flow by accessing the Inventory Details report from the reports section.