Zoho Inventory


Where can I view the profit I’ve made from each item?

You can measure your profit margin per item in the product sales report below Inventory reports in the Reports module.

Access route map:
  • Click on Reports tab on the sidebar.
  • Choose Product Sales Report under Inventory in the Reports page.
  • You can also access it from any other reports page by clicking on the name of the report on the header and choosing Product Sales Report in the drop down.

Image of choosing product sales report

Generating a product sales report:

  • Choose a date range for which you wish to generate the report.
  • It can be previous year, month etc, current year, month, week etc or your own custom range.
  • On choosing a standard choice, the From and To date fields, will be automatically set.
  • For a custom date frame, you can change the From and To date manually.
  • Click on the Run Report button to generate the product sales report for that period.
  • The report will be generated below the band, where your company name, name of the report and the date range are displayed.
  • The report fields include - product name, SKU, margin, qty sold and total sales price.
  • You can sort the report in any order by clicking on one of the fields mentioned in the last step.

Note: The price amounts will be displayed in your base currency.

screen shot of product sales report