Zoho Inventory


I need a price list where only particular item rates need to be changed and the rest remains unchanged. How do I go about it?

This can be done by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Price Lists module inside the Settings.

Image showing the new price list button

  • Click on the New Price List button on the right hand top corner of the Price Lists page.
  • A new price list window opens up.

image of the new price list page - entering item rates individually

  • On choosing to enter the rate individually for each item, proceed to the next field called Currency.
  • Choose the currency in which you wish to alter the prices.
  • Now add the new rates for Items in your inventory individually.
  • Enter a description of your price list
  • Click the Save button to successfully save your price list.

This way you can create a price list where some of your items can be offered at a different price and the rest remain untouched.