Zoho Inventory


How to add or manage adjustment reasons?

Stock adjustments are done for a number of reasons. If your reason isn’t listed, then you can add them as well as remove the unused reasons.

To manage adjustment reasons:

  • Expand the Items module on the sidebar.
  • Go to Inventory Adjustments tab and click + New.
  • Click the Reasons drop-down.
  • Go to Manage Reasons.
Manage reasons menu
  • Click + Add new reason.
Add new reason
  • Enter the reason name and click Save and Select to add the new reason to your adjustment.
  • Hover over an unused reason and click Mark as Inactive to make the reason inactive or click the trash icon to delete it.
Delete or deactivate reason

Note: You cannot delete a reason that has been used in an adjustment. Instead, you can make it inactive.