Zoho Inventory


Why integrate with Zoho CRM?

  1. Zoho CRM is an On-demand Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software for managing your customer relations and streamlining your organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions.
  2. Zoho CRM is well integrated with many Zoho Apps and third party apps. Hence integrating your Zoho Inventory organization with your Zoho CRM account indirectly opens up more avenues of expansion for you.
  3. When a sale is made in an integrated online marketplace, a sales order and the new customer who made that purchase are automatically generated inside Zoho Inventory. Using the integration between Zoho Inventory and Zoho CRM, these customers are also added to your Zoho CRM database automatically.
  4. For Existing Zoho CRM Users: Your existing customer base, network of suppliers and the bulk of your products in Zoho CRM can easily be brought into Zoho inventory. This will save you the time and effort required to manually add each and every record individually.

To learn more how to integrate Zoho Inventory with Zoho CRM, click here.