Zoho Inventory



Sales Channel Integrations

  1. What are the prerequisites required before I integrate with a sales channel?
  2. How does sales channel integration work?
  3. How do I manage new customers from sales channels?

Shipping Integrations

  1. What are the prerequisites required to integrate with a carrier?
  2. Can I verify the addresses that I ship my packages to?
  1. How to generate a FedEx Meter ID for my account?
  2. How and why should I get my account certified by FedEx?
  1. When I click on ‘Get Rates’ I’m facing an error that states ‘You must select a trackable option for at least one menu item under Service Tracking Preferences’. What should I do?
  1. # How to obtain a UPS Access License Number?

Accounting Integrations

  1. What are the accounting platforms that are being integrated with Zoho Inventory?
  2. How does Zoho Books - Zoho Inventory integration work?

CRM Integrations

  1. Why integrate with Zoho CRM?
  2. How to integrate Zoho Inventory and Zoho CRM?
  3. How does the integration to Zoho CRM work?

Other integrations

  1. What happens when I use an email address which is not associated with G Suite/Office365?