Zoho Inventory


Does Zoho Inventory support bar code scanning? If yes, how does it work?

Yes, Zoho Inventory supports bar code scanning in the web app. Here is how it works:

For Line Items:

Prerequisite: You have to key in the bar code of the item as the SKU of said item in Zoho Inventory manually or using a barcode scanner.

Note: Bar codes with 6 characters or more of length are only supported.

For Serial Numbers:

Barcode scanning feature can also be used on serial numbers

In Bills:

Prerequisite: You have to enable Track Serial Number feature at the time of item creation.

In Invoices:

Prerequisite: You have to key in the serial numbers either at the time of item creation or while creating a bill.

Note: Similar to invoices and bills, barcode scanning can be used wherever serial number is applicable.