Zoho Inventory


How do I create a drop shipment?

To create a drop shipment in Zoho Inventory:
  • Go to your sales order section.
  • Select the sales order for which a dropshipment has to be created.
  • Click on the More button and choose the Dropship option.
  • Select whether you want to dropship the sales order partially or completely.
  • If you’re dropshipping the sales order partially, choose the items that has to be dropshipped.
  • Select the appropriate vendor from your contacts or add a new one.
  • Fill up all details in the purchase order
  • By default the Deliver To tab will have the Customer option checked.
  • Click on the Save button to successfully create a drop shipment purchase order draft.
  • You can access the drop shipped purchase orders from the Dropshipments tab in your sales order. You can mail it to your vendor from there.
Important Note:

You can only create dropshipments for Confirmed sales orders that do not have an invoice or package created for it.