Zoho Inventory


What will happen to the composite items that were boxed before introducing the bundling function?

If you have composite items with boxing history, you can still view them under the Boxes tab within the Bundling History section. Here is how the composite items with boxing history will be affected:

  • You cannot modify a composite item with a boxing history. However, while bundling, you will be able to alter the items and services of your choice.

  • Since you don’t have an unbox option anymore, as a work around, you can simply delete the boxed item entry. This works the same as unboxing and the stock level of the associated items increases.


  • When you create an invoice for items with boxing history, the stock will be consumed on a FIFO basis. Say, you have a composite item that have been boxed as well as bundled. When you add this composite item to your invoice, the boxed stock will be exhausted first followed by the bundled stock.