Zoho Inventory


What is Kitting or Composite Item in Zoho Inventory?

A Composite item in Zoho Inventory is a single commodity that is composed of two or more items and/or services. With composite items you can:

  • Create kits and sell them for customized rates.
  • Perform assemblies to create finished goods.

Let’s run through one of many scenarios in which the composite item feature comes in handy.

Scenario: Sam runs a home appliance showroom. During festive seasons, he provides discounts on appliances such as microwave and mixer when bought together. He also includes one free service as part of this offer.
Using the Composite Items feature in Zoho Inventory, he puts together all the items and services to create a kit. He then sells this kit at a discounted rate.
He can also customize the kit according to his customers' preferences by including some additional products or gift coupons in it, which he can achieve using the bundling function available within the composite items. Creating a bundle increases the stock of the kit while proportionately reducing the stock of the constituting items. This allows him to have complete control of his stock flow.

Likewise, you can also perform assemblies with composite items by bundling raw materials and labor charges it takes to build the finished goods.

Note: To find out more about the new bundling enhancement in composite items head over here.