Zoho Inventory


What is Batch Tracking and how would it help my business?

Batch Tracking is a system that allows you to group and monitor a set of stock that share similar properties. With Batch Tracking you can:

  • Track the expiration of items.
  • Trace defective items back to the batch that it belonged.

Let’s walk through a scenario to understand these benefits:

Scenario: Tom owns a medical store where most of the items that he deals with are bound to a limited shelf life. Business had been smooth until one day he received a complaint from a consumer who was delivered an item that was long expired. As taken aback as he was, he could not figure out from which of the boxes in his storeroom, the item was sold! To prevent such mishaps in the future, he immediately sets up the Batch Tracking feature in Zoho Inventory, where he is able to easily pick the usable items and save his business. Now along with basic stock tracking, he is also in complete control of his expiring stock.

In Zoho Inventory, you will be able to record the items you receive as batches along with its manufactured date and expiry date. And later when you are looking to make a sale, you can safely pick items from those batches that are well within its usage period.

Keep a close watch on your stock flow with serial number and batch tracking