Bulk Emails vs Transactional Emails

Bulk emails are emails sent to a large group at once. The user is not actively looking for bulk emails i.e. these emails are not triggered by recipient actions on a website or an application.  Marketing emails, Promotional emails, Email Announcements, and Newsletters are examples of bulk emails.

What are Transactional Emails?

Transactional emails are automated emails usually triggered by a user action on a website or an application. The recipient is actively seeking this email, unlike bulk emails. These emails consist of sensitive information based on user behavior on a website or an app. You can view the examples of transactional emails here.

What is TransMail?

TransMail is an email platform to send transactional emails like OTPs, welcome emailers, payment receipts, invoices. This product is perfect for businesses with a large customer base that relies heavily on email communication. This product aims to provide fast and reliable email deliveries.

Important emails need to reach the customers' inbox and not the spam folder. Recipients trust emails from trusted domains. TransMail is designed for high email deliverability and email authenticity.

TransMail uses IPs with a high reputation to send emails. This ensures high deliverability. This service requires you to use a verified domain. This prevents the flagging of emails as spam.

Why are Bulk Emails not allowed in TransMail?

TransMail service ensures a high deliverability rate, email authenticity, and minimum time to inbox delivery for our customers. Bulk email sending IPs have a low reputation with ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and ESPs (Email Service Providers). If we allow bulk emails, our IPs' reputation is at stake. An email sent from a low reputable IP will likely land in the recipients' spam folder. This can affect the inbox deliverability of your transactional emails. 

If you are looking for a bulk email provider, you can visit Zoho Campaigns.