An Introduction to TransMail

TransMail by Zoho Mail is a dedicated email sending service to send transactional emails (like welcome mailers, payment receipts, invoices, OTPs, alert emails). These are important emails that need to reach the customer inbox and not their spam folder. TransMail ensures fast and reliable email deliveries for all your transactional email needs.

Recipients trust emails from genuine domains. TransMail is designed for sending emails only from verified domains.

Transactional emails

Transactional emails are automated emails usually triggered by user action on a website or application. These emails consist of crucial information the user is actively seeking. Here are a few examples of transactional emails typically sent by applications or websites.

  • Account Creation - User invites, account activation emails, password reset emails, log-in attempt notification.

  • Billing Information - Information about credit card payments, addition and deletion of beneficiaries, sending OTPs or information related to electronic fund transfers.

  • Payroll systems - Payslip and salary information.

  • Payments - Purchase receipts, refund emails, confirmation messages, cancellation messages, payment subscription emails, abandoned cart emails, invoices, payment failure or subscription renewal emails.

  • Notifications - Trial expiration emails, account-reactivation emails, account deactivation emails, privacy policy updates, new sign-in messages, account deletion messages or other account-related notifications.