Reverse IP Lookup

Discover your IP with this Reverse Lookup Tool

What is reverse lookup?

Reverse IP lookup (or reverse domain name service [DNS] lookup or pointer record [PTR] lookup) is the process of looking up the domain name of an IP address. In other words, a reverse IP lookup query determines the domain name an IP address is associated with.

Reverse IP lookup by address

Enter the IP address in Zoho Toolkit and it will help you find the domain name the IP address is linked to.

For example, when you type an IP address like in the space below, the reverse lookup tool will query that information and prompt the result—with Google as its host name.

Why do you need reverse IP lookup?

With the help of reverse lookup, one can check the domain name associated with an IP, which in turn is identified using a record lookup. This type of valid two-way DNS mapping is done by email providers to categorize the domains as valid or invalid. This is mainly used by companies for lead identification and protecting the domain from spam and other attacks.


With the help of Zoho Toolkit, one can determine if their domain is shared with a malicious website or domain under the same IP. Once you get the hostname of your IP, you can find out if the respective domain is black-listed using third-party tools. This way, you can identify and protect your company from spam, phishing emails, and cyberattacks.


One of the key uses of reverse lookup in B2B is lead generation. Using reverse lookup-based tools, one can trace the origin of the website from which the visitor is visiting your platform. This information can help the sales team identify the leads that access the website and convert them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a reverse IP lookup tool used for?

    A reverse IP lookup helps you find out which domain server has been used to host the domain of an IP address.
  • Why do I need reverse IP lookup?

    A reverse IP lookup is used to ensure that the emails we receive are coming from a valid sender and not from spammers. In addition to this, the reverse IP lookup tool also ensures that your IP has a PTR associated with it, and makes sure that your email does not end up in your recipient's spam folder.
  • What is PTR?

    A PTR (pointer) record is used to resolve and connect an IP to its corresponding domain name. It’s mainly used in an email server to ensure that the sender matches the IP of the domain/ hostname they claim to be using. This checking process is also known as reverse DNS lookup.
  • What’s the difference between A record lookup and a reverse lookup?

    When a user wishes to establish a connection with a website, they use its domain name to reach the site. A record is a record used to trace the IP behind that website.

    Reverse IP lookup or reverse DNS is just the opposite of the same process, where you know the IP address of the user and wish to find the domain or hostname that’s associated with it.